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Information on diamine complexes [hg(nh3)2]cl2

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    Hallo to everybody

    Next week I will start preparing my graduation thesis on the university.
    My theme is infrared spectroscopy of diamine complexes, so I am asking you if you can help me in finding this information:

    1. structural formulas
    2. preparation
    3. infrared spectrums

    for the following diamine complexes: [Hg(NH3)2]Cl2, [Zn(NH3)2]Cl2 and [Cd(NH3)2]Cl2.
    Also I will be grateful if you can provide other useful information about this subject

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to PF. You need to ask specific questions here , none of us are going to play the role of your advisor.
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    Well for the beginning it would be nice to help me on some reading materials about theese complexes, and methods of preparation, especially of there are new methods developed.

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    The only advice you deserve is: start in the library.
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