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Innovative ideas(devices) for common problems

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    i have to make a working project (basically a machine) , the idea is to take any problem provide its solution (a device ) which is for the welfare of the society .

    i m a 2nd year mechanical engineering student

    try to give as many ideas as you can!!!!!!!

    i doesnt have to be complex even simple one's will do ........
    the ideas should just be practically USEFUL.

    for example automatic crop harvester for farmers , trash compressor and stair climbing wheel chair for the handicapped etc
    plz think of ur common day to day problems and try to provide a feasible practical solution
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    One of the largest problems in the world is the lack of drinking water in many developing countries. They have the water, but it's not clean, which can lead to all sorts of diseases, many of which can be fatal when nutrition is also an issue (and it usually is). Maybe you can devise a means to take freshwater (non-saltwater, not necessarily clean) and make it drinkable.

    I've been kicking this project around in the back of my head a bit, and I know that a lot of Engineeers without Borders (EWB) groups have been doing similar projects, but it's still a good challenge (and a huge benefit to society). Off hand, I can think of a few requirements you may want to consider:

    1) How do you power it
    2) How much should it output
    3) Cost restrictions?
    4) Lifespan

    I could get much more detailed, but I really think it would be better if you came up with those yourself (should you choose this project).
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    I think a common day to day problem is students not coming up with their own ideas.
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    I like BigAggie's idea - water purification. Very simple technology is used to dramatically increase the water supply throughout the world.

    One of the most intriguing devices is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_ram" [Broken]the water for everything.

    Top of the line crop harvesters are GPS/WAAS guided, with differential GPS inputs for extremely precise guidance.

    How about a simple, cheap, staged furnace system which both dries the garbage and burns it at very high temps for providing heat and energy while minimizing pollution?

    As for common-day problems, one of mine is getting my toilet to flush 100% of it's contents! LoL! I never had this problem in Germany, but their designs had other issues.
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    plz give some more ideas !!!! the device can be anything that for example can be used to help the handicapped or the elderly .

    plz pour in new ideas .anything out of the hat will could be useful!!1
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