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Insanely ridiculous how much these college coaches make

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    Look at this article from USA today:


    These coaches have salaries higher than what most college professors make. I know the college athletic industry helps generate revenue for the university, but sports is not improve the overall quality of the university , nor does it even contribute to the academic and research quality of the university. Its the professors who publish research and conduct research who are the main central forces in improving the research and academic quality of the university and sadly professors generally make an eighth of what a typical college NCAA coach makes.

    If coaches are going to received an insane amount of money for helping that university basketball team go to the NCAA, then I think the players deserved a fee as well. I would not suggest the basket ball players get paid if the coaches were making a more reasonable salary because college sports is supposed to be an extracurricular activity and should be treated like any other college extracurricular activity. . The coach alone is not winning the team game, the players are instrumental in determining the outcome of the basketball game.

    You think college players should received a fee if the coach is paid a big paycheck? I know some student athletes received a full scholarship to college if they agree to play on the school basketball team, but not all student athletes received that privilege Or should a basketball coach have their salary drastically reduced?
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    Whats even more ridiculous is that this University is building an "Academic Learning Center" for the football team, at the cost of $13 million, which ordinary students can't use. Why can't those guys study at the library like everyone else for gods sake! I've got 2 big problems with athletics at big schools: One, the money that is generated in the athletics departments stays in the athletics department, the general Uni never sees a penny. In fact, there are lots of athletic departments that loose money for the school. Two, they beg for donations to build new stadiums etc, and when those wealthy donors are asked again for a donation for a new telescope or new science center, they say "Oh, well we already made our contribution to the University for the Academic Learning Center. . ."

    Personally, I would love to see a rule mandating that the highest paid person at the Uni would have to be a Phd, not a coach or the athletics director. At most schools, the athletics director makes much more than any Phd.
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    Yeah, because America favors sports over education...
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