Insulation blocks mobile phone signals

  1. Modern foil covered foam insulation and coated window glass unfortunately blocks mobile phone signals rather well. I'm aware of solutions that use broadband and wifi to tunnel through it but this seems like a problem waiting for a better solution.

    Are there any good/cheap alternatives to metal foil coating that reflect heat as well but don't block radio waves? Perhaps someone has a neat design for a slot antenna that could be cut into the foil before being applied to the foam?
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    You can always just leave the radiant barrier insulation off - using thicker regular insulation.

    I heard of people using a small scale repeater for the local tower, so you have an antenna on your roof and one in the house... but I can't seem to find a reference.

    Everyone I know just redirects their cell to their landline.

    Thinks: have you tried mylar?
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  5. Thanks. I understand the problem (Faraday cage) and most of the potential solutions. Mobile phone repeaters are illegal in the UK. They will reluctantly provide Femtocells for contract customers, not sure about pay-as-you-go customers. I don't think any of the phone operators provide call diversion for free.

    I was really looking to see of there was anything the manufacturers of rigid insulation could do to fix the problem at source. The possibility of using alternative coatings to aluminium such as Mylar is what I had in mind. Thanks.
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    What's needed is a non-metal with low emissivity.
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