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Interest in blackholes and whiteholes

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    i like astrophysics so much!!!! But have particular interest in blackholes and whiteholes and the big bang!!!

    In astrophysics, a white hole is a postulated celestial body that spews out matter, in other words an anti-black hole, or the time reversal of a black hole.

    It can be a means of transport between points of spacetime and even different universes. A matter that enters through a black hole might come out of a whitehole. For example an astronaut that got suck into a black hole will come out of a whitehole. Although, sadly, he would be crushed up terribly, but the exact number of atoms that made up his body will come out of the whitehole. The existence of white holes is hypothetical, as they appear to violate the second law of thermodynamics but the laws of physics that apply in our bubble universe will not be the same in other bubble universe.

    Other speculations include the hypothesis that quasars are actually white holes instead of supermassive black holes.

    It is possible that a whitehole is created out of an anti-matter star when it explodes. As it is the opposite of a black hole. An "anti-black hole". whiteholes have a high chance of existence in our universe as you can say our universe is created out of a massive white hole. The Big Bang which spews out matter.
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    although my article talks about whiteholes, i don't think its possible for them to exist as they would violate the second law of thermodynamics!
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    Welcome to physicsfourms,Whiteholes(Frist time there is a username that has sam the name as his frist post and not being about him/her self)
    Good article you worte but can you put links to your sources?
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    Well we would know if a whitehole was near, because everyhting would be too bright, right?

    I was just thinking about whiteholes the other day while looking at this photo

    http://www.star.ucl.ac.uk/~idh/apod/ap060323.html [Broken]

    So is it possible for us to be in a blackhole ( our "Universe")?
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    what do you mean? A blackhole in our universe? Or we live in a blackhole?
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