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Do we live in a black hole(or an white hole)

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    i had this science project in school on black holes and i came an article stating we live in a black hole theory link -----> http://www.technologyreview.com/vie...erse-must-have-been-born-inside-a-black-hole/
    so i was thinking that if our universe is made up inside a black hole the black hole must be a black hole for the parent universe from where material has been sucked and for us a white hole because it spewed out all the material in another dimension(the one we exist in) causing the big bang and inflation thus our universe is expanding and at a certain point it would stop expanding cuz in our dimension things would be too much saturated and thus there would be a big crunch causing everything to collapse in a billion years or so thus turning into a singularty and a black hole which will spew our collapsed material out back into the parent universe ....
    the question is is this theory possible ???? pls dont mock me i was bad at physics and maths in juniour high school and i am also on medication for flu this migh be causing such thoughts
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    No, we do not live in a black hole. As far as we know, black holes are not "portals" into other realities or dimensions. Everything sucked up by a black hole is eventually radiated away as hawking radiation.
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    mmmm... but wasn't hawkin the one who said black holes dont exist
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    I believe he said that black holes as commonly pictured don't exist. Not that they don't exist at all.
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    IIRC, the thing he argued for was that the event horizons of black holes may not exist. I have links to an article/the paper somewhere, I'll post them here when I've found them.

    EDIT: Yes, it was the event horizons of black holes which he argued against;
    "No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking—At Least Not Like We Think" (National Geographic article)
    Black holes do not have "event horizons" beyond which there is no return, according to renowned physicist.

    Paper on arxiv: "Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes"

    I have no knowledge about how this proposal has been received by the scientific community.
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    I may be a bit off...

    But if memory serves, Isaac Asimov said that the larger a Black Hole becomes the less average density that it needs to be a Black Hole.

    A black hole with a Scwartzchild (sp?) Radius the size of our best guess as to the size of our Universe—the Guesstimate they were using in the 70's or 80's—would only have to have an average density of one Hydrogen Atom per Cubic Yard of Space.

    Guess what? That corresponds fairly closely to the observed density of our Universe.

    It is a troublesome question how you could get the Matter through the event horizon without having it thoroughly shredded...

    Someone over on the old Hyopography Forum said that if our Universe was a Black Hole, we'd never encounter our Singularity because the whole of our N-Space would be a contained in an (N+1)Hyper-Spherical Membrane surrounding the Singularity in an (N+1)-Dimensional Hyper-Spherical Event Horizon.

    {I don't recall if he said "Our 3-Space" or "Our 4-Space"—Hence the "N" Space Weasel...}

    Awful Esoteric.

    Also, I understand that in theory there could be a Torus Shaped Black Hole with a large enough hole in the center for something to pass through without being captured or being ripped into pure energy.

    It is also my understanding that describing what would happen to an object going through the hole involves some extraordinarily involved mathematics and in Theory, it just might end up in another Universe.

    I can't do the Math and some of the old theories may now be discredited—and my memory is no longer even close to 100% reliable...

    But take that for what it is worth...

    Saxon Violence
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    Schwarzschild (from the German physicist).

    The Schwarzschild solution (the easiest one that describes black holes) does not work for the universe as a whole, or dynamic things like an expanding universe.
    We do not live in a black hole.
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