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Interested in average household energy consumption in 2011

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    Particularly, what do the figures look like for the amount of energy consumed per household in 2011? As a comparison, how much energy have you consumed in 2011?

    Also, I'm interested to know what kind of fuels or carriers are most often used. I'm tempted to believe that coal is probably one of the bigger fuel supplies and DTE products are more readily installed in consumers' homes.

    Thanks for any insight you guys can provide, looking forward to reading some interesting posts.
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    I think it is too soon to have any 2011 data. How's this for 2009:
    from US EIA

    I have not read it so I don't know how they came up with the numbers or what they mean. 95E6 Btu per year is equal to about 3.2 kW; or 75 kW-hr/day. This is clearly more than just electric usage which is closer to 1 kW per household.

    edit - plus you need to consider whether this is energy use in the home or 'primary' energy - that is, does it include conversion efficiencies (heat rate of the power plant for example).
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