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Interested in the science itself more than its applications

  1. May 13, 2015 #1
    I will begin my junior year in MechE next fall. So far it's been an enjoyable degree and experience. the problem is, I tend to be more interested in the science itself of what I'm studying, rather than its applications. Which makes me sometimes think that I should have majored in a science degree instead (physics). So do you think I should switch major? Or would grad school in engineering be satisfying? I'm going to grad school either way though. Additionally, is it possible/ plausible to get my engineering degree and then get a graduate degree in something like applied physics (specializing in topics covered under my ME degree)?
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    Don't switch is my opinion.

    What I've felt like has changed a lot through the 4 years of my undergrad & subsequently in the 5 years of grad school.

    I've concluded that you'll find things to like & not like no matter what major or research adviser etc you choose. Ergo, it's best to suppress that impulse to switch.

    I'd wager that grad school will be satisfying for you in your current track. Try it out.

    PS. The grass always looks greener in the other pasture. My speculation is, in an alternate universe, had you majored in Physics you'd likely have been frustrated in the other direction "What sort of abstract, mathematical manipulations are these guys doing!"
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    Why don't you take a theoretical physics book and work through it? If you truly like it more, then you can switch. But don't switch until you've tried it.
    Also, you should not forget that jobs with engineering are more plenty than those with exact sciences. So do keep that in mind before making a decision.
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