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Homework Help: Interference - Q done, is it right?

  1. Aug 1, 2012 #1
    Hi all, I have a question here that I've done but it hasn't got an answer provided. I'm sure it's easy stuff but haven't looked at this material in a while so
    just want to double check.

    (The things in red are what I added to the original diagram)



    d = √17

    d + λ/2 = 2√5

    λ/2 = 2√5 -d

    λ = 4√5 -2(√17)

    λ = 0.698m

    Using v=fλ

    ∴f = 340/0.698 = 487 Hz

    Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance
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    Woops, muppet at work. No idea how that came about, thanks.

    Looking over it I've done a couple of very stupid errors such as line 4.

    First post RE-DONE
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    Correct, but you get more frequencies:

    [itex](2n-1)\frac{\lambda}{2}=d\Rightarrow f=(2n-1)\frac{v}{2d},\,n=1,2,3,...[/itex]
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    Thanks a lot, big help
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