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Internal Combustion Engine question

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    Just out of curiosity, as I am very amateur here, in ICE could mono-crystal Alumina replace aluminum and create a better engine? Aside from the high cost to manufacture.

    I know MC-Alumina has a higher density than Al but is considerably stronger. This would be fantastic, I would think for a methanol/ethanol based engine.
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    You will find a lot of interesting information about this subject if you search on :

    Ceramic + (any of) Engines / Cylinder blocks / Cylinder heads / Pistons / Cylinder liners / Valves
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    Correct, however I do not see any information based on mono crystal. The ceramics used are usually at most 99.8% Alumina. Im sure this is due to a few reasons. My sole focus is on purity (9n plus).
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    jim hardy

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    i think Pratt-Whitney experimented with single crystal aircraft engine turbine blades in 1970's.

    Add that name to your literature search ?
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