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An internality is the long-term benefit or cost to an individual that they do not consider when making the decision to consume a good or service. One way this is related to behavioral economics is by means of the concept of hyperbolic discounting, in which immediate consequences of a decision are disproportionately weighed compared to the future consequences. A potential cause is lack of access to full information regarding the associated costs and benefits prior to consumption. This contrasts with traditional economic theory, which makes the assumption that individuals are rational decision makers who take all personal costs into account when paying for goods and services.One example of a positive internality is the long run effect of exercising, if these are not taken into account when deciding whether to exercise. Future benefits that an individual may not take into consideration include a diminished risk of heart disease and higher bone density. A common example of a potential negative internality is the effect of smoking cigarettes on those who smoke. For the effect of secondhand smoke, see externality. Statistically, 80% of smokers want to quit, and 54% of people who are serious about quitting fail in a week or less. This implies that they do not act in their long-term best interest due to short-term discomfort, also known as a self-control problem. If the demand for cigarettes has a high price elasticity of demand, which evidence seems to suggest, the government can combat the negative internality by raising taxes. It is important to note that elasticity might change based on location and knowledge about the harmful health effects of smoking. In traditional economic theory, a tax diminishes the welfare of the poor because the tax burden shifts to low-income communities, as fewer can afford the good (cigarettes), and horizontal equity (economics) is distorted. However, behavioral economic theory suggests that the tax is not regressive if low-income communities have higher (healthcare) costs and more price sensitivity than individuals with higher incomes. Taxes imposed to combat internalities are most effective when they target a specific good. A tax on junk food could apply to a large variety of goods that are widely consumed, and the cost of the tax might be perceived as more detrimental than beneficial for society. A major issue with creating effective legislature against negative internalities is that the tax imposed should only reflect the cost that individuals do not factor into their consumption decisions. The difficulty in measuring individual knowledge is an obstacle to developing new policies. Another point of concern is that the group benefitting from the tax, such as smokers who want to quit, must be sizable enough to offset any backlash from tobacco companies and lobbyists.

In the following graphs, D' and S' are the demand and supply curves if producers and consumers take all external costs (EC) into consideration. The tax attempting to prevent the internality should be set equal to the difference between D and D' at the optimal quantity, which is the unmeasured internal cost (IC).

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  1. Graham87

    Troubleshooting nuclear decay, electron binding energies, internal contributions

    How do you know which binding energy shell to use? In the solution it uses K and L2. Why specifically L2 and not L3 or L1 for example? And what should I do with the information to omit electrons lower than 20kev? I initially thought that meant to omit the electron binding energies lower than...
  2. brochesspro

    I Does a person standing up on a swing in oscillatory motion do any work?

    Also, I wonder if a system can have work done to it due to its internal forces, as it is generally said that the work done due to internal forces is zero or at least I have learnt that(cannot trust my knowledge anymore, lol). I got this question in my mind because of a situation in another...
  3. yinnxz

    Is the Change in Internal Energy Just 4513 J When No Work Is Done?

    Since the system is doing no work, would it be just 4513 J? I don't think there is any other information to use
  4. Rymazon

    I Outer layer refractive index - total internal refection on waveguide

    I am interested in experimenting with AR lenses and one of the main technologies is a waveguide. They rely on total internal reflection, which needs light to go from a higher to lower refractive index medium. I am reading that current AR lenses use an outer layer with a lower refractive index to...
  5. Astronuc

    Hydrogen-fueled Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/toyota-s-upcoming-hydrogen-powered-5-0-v-8-engine-has-the-potential-to-bury-evs/ar-AA15Q9mq See also an old thread - https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hydrogen-combustion-engines.70653/ But what material. I know that Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metals...
  6. C

    What is the change in internal energy after two processes?

    So the question goes like this: find change in internal energy in process 1->2 using diagram. And offered solutions a)-400J b)400J c)600J d)800J. First I found T1 and T2 using (P*V)/T=R and got T1=24K and T2=72K. Then I found n(number of moles) using PV=nRT and got n1=1mol, n2=1mol. Then I...
  7. F

    I Conservative forces and internal and external forces

    Hello Everyone, This is not a completely new dilemma but I have been discussing it with several people and teachers and read different physics textbooks and continue to get different perspectives, sometimes overlapping sometimes not. Let me explain and summarize: Forces are interactions...
  8. S

    I Internal energy of a comoving volume increasing as space expands?

    I was reading an article by Edward Harrison, which tackles the problems of conservation of energy at cosmological scales. At some part (point 2.4) he cites several article, including one by Rees and Gott, which he says indicates that the internal energy of a comoving volume (e.g. a cosmic...
  9. Onyx

    I Appearance of Warp Bubble Internal Volume to Distant Observer

    At a single moment of coordinate time ##t##, would a distant observer perceive a warp bubble's interior volume as blown up, or would it seem compressed? Looking in the catalogue of spacetimes at the static local tetrad of the Alcubierre metric, the ##e^x_{(x)}## leads me to think that a static...
  10. S

    I Cosmic strings increasing internal energy?

    I was reading an article by Edward Harrison, which tackles the problems of conservation of energy at cosmological scales. At some point (point 2.4) he cites several article, including one by Rees and Gott, which he says indicates that the internal energy of a comoving volume (e.g. a cosmic...
  11. neilparker62

    B Troubleshooting Battery Internal Resistance Measurements

    Have been busy working with a student doing a Physics prac to determine the internal resistance of an AA 1.5 V (nominal) battery. The basic formula being investigated is: $$Vt=E_{cell}−Ir_i$$ where ##Vt## is the load (resistive only) voltage, ##E_{cell}## is the emf of the AA battery, ##I## is...
  12. Dario56

    I How Can Internal Energy of the Canonical Ensemble Change (Fluctuate)?

    Canonical ensemble is the statistical ensemble which is applicable for the closed system in contact with the reservoir at constant temperature ##T##. Canonical ensemble is characterized by the three fixed variables; number of particles ##N##, volume ##V## and temperature ##T##. What is said is...
  13. Tesla In Person

    Internal Energy of Gas and Work done

    This is a thermodynamics question. A gas absorbs 10 000 J of heat , it releases 3000 J and does 2000 J of work. How much has the internal energy varied? So I did 10 000 - 3000 -2000 = 5000 J so internal energy decreases by 5000 J. But the correct answer is A) it increased by 5000 J . How ?
  14. L

    Hazard levels for pressure vessels with internal bladders

    Hi , I am based in Australia and my question originates from some grey areas in the Australian system of classifying pressure vessels. I am guessing most users on this forum are US based . Does the US have a system for classifying pressure vessels such as air receivers , boilers, autoclaves...
  15. M

    A Experimental Studies of the Internal Energy of a real fluid

    https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-11093-z In this new 2 May 2022 publication, an experimental effort was made to measure directly the internal energy changes of non-ideal CO2, from the decrease in temperature as the liquid-gas expanded from one cylinder into two. With the empirical...
  16. R

    How does a 4-piston, 4 stroke internal combustion engine work?

    Hi, This post is about a 4-piston, 4 stroke internal combustion engine(ICE).Here is an youtube animation for such an engine. I actually have 2 questions. Q1: We have seen in demos and videos that in a 4-piston (ICE) engine, the pistons P1 ,P4 (pair 1) and P2, P3 (pair 2) are in phase when...
  17. Zuzana

    I Electrons from Internal Conversion

    Hi, I would like to ask, why K-shell electrons coming from the internal conversion are much more frequent than L or M-shell electrons (see Fig). K-shell electrons are more tightly bound than L-shell, I would say that it is easier for gamma particle to kick off less tightly electron, no? Thank...
  18. P

    I Calculate the internal pressure of a tube based on flow rate

    I have pump of unknown flowrate pumping water through a tube of length L and diameter D. I know that the flowrate of water exiting the tube is X mL/min. I would like to know the internal pressure of the tubing, how can I calculate it? This all occurs at sea level elevation.
  19. A

    I Understanding Net Internal Torque and Kinetic Friction in a System

    In a system, the net internal torque should be 0. If we have two fly wheels, one spinning with angular velocity w, and the other at rest and the flywheel at rest is dropped onto the other flywheel, the two fly wheels reach the same angular velocity due to friction between the two wheels. I am...
  20. guyvsdcsniper

    Change in internal energy of a cylinder

    I believe I got the first part of this questions solved. For part b, we are asked to find the change in internal energy. We know ΔE=Q+W. The cylinder,gas and piston head are the system. The cylinder and piston head are well insulated, so there will be no head transfer, therefore Q=0. So now...
  21. M

    Internal Combustion Engines: Liquid Gasoline or Vapor?

    In an Internal Combustion Engine, does liquid gasoline itself burn/combust, or is it the gasoline VAPOR emitted from the liquid gasoline by evaporation that burns/ combusts? (assuming that Oxygen is present in the Air and Fuel mixture)
  22. F

    How a force is amplified in a lever from the standpoint of internal stresses?

    Hello, While trying to understand how a lever truly works and a force can be amplified using a larger lever arm, I read a thread on how levers amplify forces (https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/22944/how-do-levers-amplify-forces ) and the discussion involves stresses, internal torques...
  23. F

    Internal Energy of an Ideal Gas

    a) We use the definition of heat transfer in a gas at constant volume: Q = n*C_v*delta_T = (0.01 mol)(12.47 J/mol*K)(40 K) = 4.99 J b) We use the definition of heat transfer in a gas at constant pressure: Q = n*C_p*delta_T = (0.01 mol)(12.47 J/mol*K)(40 K) = 8.31 J c) In both processes delta_U...
  24. P

    Engineering Analyzing the internal circuitry of IC 741 Op-Amp step by step

    Here is the internal circuit of a 741 op-amp - Here is a HSpice model I found in the educational section - Both are essentially the same, keeping aside subtle differences. I am yet to understand the technicalities of an op-amp, so I would like to analyze the circuit using the first picture...
  25. M

    External Pressure vs. Internal Pressure when considering work

    Summary:: Basically the title: It seems that one of the formulas I use considers the pressure in PdV to be internal, when as far as I know, it is external. So to my understanding, in w = PdV, the pressure is the external pressure. However, I get tripped up because in my textbook, for a...
  26. np115

    How to solve for EMF and internal resistance in a circuit?

    I know the answers are 9 V and .5 ohms but I have no idea how to get there. Originally I solved for Delta V in the open circuit through (1.636)(5) which gave me 8.18V. Then, I solved for Delta V in the closed circuit through (1.565)(1/((1/5)+(1/10)) which gave me 5.51 V. I used these voltages...
  27. N

    B Suggestions for Internal Assessment Project on Young's Modulus

    Hi. I am in the IB and am looking at doing a physics IA (internal assessment) on Young's modulus on an elastic material. I was thinking of doing it on the the stretchy snakes like the candy. What would I need to cover in this?
  28. Astronuc

    NASA’s InSight Mission Reveals Internal Structure of Mars

    https://scitechdaily.com/nasas-insight-mission-reveals-the-detailed-internal-structure-of-mars/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/nasa-insight- spacecraft -reveals-first-peek-inside-mars-center https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/nasa-s-insight-reveals-the-deep-interior-of-mars...
  29. Dario56

    Internal Resistance of the Battery - Ohmic Resistance

    When current starts flowing in a circuit, voltage of the battery drops from EMF value. There are three sources of this however here I am only interested in ohmic resistance of the battery. EMF of the battery is created because of electrochemical processes on both electrodes which create...
  30. Ashshahril

    Change in heat and internal energy

    ΔQ=mC(T3-T1) But, will this C be Cp or Cv. Both pressure and volume changes. So, neither of them can be. Feeling so confused
  31. M

    Should I consider internal forces for this hinged structure?

    Summary:: A hinged structure applied with a load, should the structure totally been calculated in order to find the resultant force? Hello, Two situations, the first is a simple structure with a 20 N load at point C. The moment-equation is composed next to it. Second situation: A hinged...
  32. Dario56

    Why Does Electrical Work Cause Changes in the Internal Energy of a System?

    If we look at system at constant temperature and volume which is galvanic cell, first law of thermodynamics states: $$ dU = dQ + dW' $$ Where W' is electrical work done by galvanic cell and Q is heat exchanged with surroundings. As far as I know electrical work is work done by electric field...
  33. E

    Angle of incidence and total internal reflection

    the angle of incidence at A is 40°, then why did the answer key say "angle of incidence at A is just less than 90°". it is obvious that 40° is quite far from 90° right?
  34. AN630078

    Thermodynamics: Internal Energy, Heat and Work Problem

    Well, internal energy is the sum of the kinetic and potential energies of all the molecules within a given mass of a substance; this energy is associated with the random, disordered motion of the molecules. An example of internal energy is compressed gases; since gases occupy the total volume...
  35. S

    Thermodynamic Axioms: Establishing Temperature, Internal Energy & Entropy

    Is the purpose of the 0th, 1st & 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics simply to legitimate the thermodynamic properties of Temperature, Internal Energy & Entropy, respectively? It seems that all these laws really do is establish that these properties are valid thermodynamic state properties and the...
  36. M

    I Can a quantum system with internal memory be in an energy eigenstate?

    If a system is in an eigenstate of the hamiltonian operator, the state of the system varies with time only with a "j exp(w t)" phase factor. So, the system is in a "stationary state": no variation with time of observable properties. But the system could in theory (for what I understand) be...
  37. L

    Engineering What is internal energy? Am I right?

    Am i right Is internal energy for engineering just the sum of energy stored with a system of a substance. which is only affect by heat and work coming out of the system
  38. Physicsman788

    What is Boundary Interaction in Echolocation and Internal Body Structures?

    What is a boundary and how can boundary interactions be used in echolocation and examining internal body structures?
  39. A

    Sign convention of internal forces in vertical bars for bending moment

    Hello: I was looking for a widespread convention (akin to Hibbeler's, Beer's, etc) that deals with the sign convention of a vertical bar for bending moments. For example, without knowing in advance, how do I draw the bending moment at a cut passing through point E in the figure attached? Beam...
  40. Rongeet Banerjee

    Internal Structure of SARS-CoV-2 virus

    Homework Statement:: Does Sars-cov-2 Virus have Reverse Transcriptase enzyme for its replication purpose? Relevant Equations:: None I surfed Google for a relevant answer to my query but failed to find one.I just want to confirm whether Sars-cov-2 has the Reverse Transcriptase or...
  41. G

    Change in Internal Energy in Accelerated Gas Chambers

    Summary:: How internal energy changes in a acclerated cabin. There are two tourus shaped insulated closed pipes containing equal amounts of ideal gas under same conditions. B has a adiabatic partion wall. If both are to change angular velocity by w radians per second. How internal energies...
  42. F

    What is the difference between internal energy and enthalpy?

    Hello, In thermodynamics, with systems being represented by gases (can liquids be also included?), the internal energy ##E_{int}## of a system represents the total kinetic energy + the total potential energy of the system: $$E_{int} = KE_{tot}+ PE_{tot}$$ The term ##KE_{tot}=Q## is also called...
  43. F

    Internal forces converting kinetic into potential energy (vice versa)

    Hello, Trivial question: a system is isolated and all its internal forces are conservative. Because of Newton's 3rd law, all internal forces are pairwise and the net internal force is always zero (regardless of the forces being conservative or not) hence the system's total momentum is conserved...
  44. W

    [Statics] Determining the normal force at an internal point of a member

    For this problem (see image), I get the correct answer for the normal force at point E if I: 1) divide the frame into members AB and CB, 2) solve for the x and y components of the reaction force at point B, 3) make a free body diagram with the cut at point E forming member EB and setting the sum...
  45. K

    Show that V is an internal direct sum of the eigenspaces

    I was in an earlier problem tasked to do the same but when V = ##M_{2,2}(\mathbb R)##. Then i represented each matrix in V as a vector ##(a_{11}, a_{12}, a_{21}, a_{22})## and the operation ##L(A)## could be represented as ##L(A) = (a_{11}, a_{21}, a_{12}, a_{22})##. This method doesn't really...