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Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics - which one?

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    Before I ask, I'd just to say that I know this has been heavily discussed before, but I am asking for peoples' insight directly as this is for a report I'm currently working on, hence why I'm not just looking through old posts using the search option. So I'm sorry if this may be of an annoyance to anybody.

    So, the question I'd like to pose to the people here is; which interpretation of QM do you go by/believe is the 'correct' one and why? And why don't you go by any of the others instead?

    Thank you everyone. :)
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    I think the whole concept of an interpretation is if not meaningless so at least not very interesting. This does not mean that I did not once wonder about these things, but I've found that the more I actually work with QM related phenomena, the less I care. QM can predict the outcome of experiments, and this is all that really matters.

    So I guess I belong to either the "shut up and calculate" or "don't care" camp, depending on when you ask me :tongue2:

    Note that this is probably the majority view among working physicists, it is simply an issue that comes up so rarely that most people don't care (nor do they know much about different interpretations, it is not something that is usually covered in courses)
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