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Interstellar Gas & Dust, Densities & Temperatures

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    This question started from what was to be a "simple" analysis of heating the air in a room. So much for simplicity when you start to question what exactly is heat and what is happening to atoms and molecules. SOOOO...the question I have (which will have bearing on my INITIAL quest), is this. Does anyone have data for range of density vs. range of temperature for the following Interstellar Medium objects?
    1. Cold, dark nebulae
    2. Diffuse nebulae
    3. Ionized gas
    4. Plasma

    In my web searches I get vague answers for densities and temperatures but never any rough correlation between the two.

    Thanks for any responses!:smile:
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    I dont know but if you mean average temperatures and densities then they will be very different for plasma vs atomic vs molecular clouds.
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    Yes, we're talking near zero deg K to something like 8000 deg K. It seems like all the material out there talks about densities or temperatures but rarely both as a correlation, and even then, the holes in their information are large enough to fit a galaxy through.
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    Yep...that's some hot stuff there in that link.

    But notice that in the article they say that they can look at the density and temperature of such-and-such plasma, then proceed to give temperatures, yet for some reason brain-fart when it comes to reporting densities! Everywhere I go on the web, it's the same thing...no correlation.
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    the ministry of information not giving relevant and important information? really? I cant believe it. :-)

    you may have to buy a textbook to get the information you want.

    maybe if I knew what you hope to learn from this I could help you better. (not that I am an expert, of course)
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    I'm not an expert either (although I play one on TV).

    It's time to add a new book to my collection anyway...I think there's one empty slot left.
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