1. Skyland

    Sub Brown Dwarf, rogue life

    Summary: Can an interstellar planet be hot enough to heat it's terrestrial moon without igniting fusion? I am a science fiction writer, however I am studying astrophysics to better captivate audiences with real and believable plots, The idea in question is an interstellar sub brown dwarf gas...
  2. C

    B First Interstellar Asteroid Found

    The first asteroid ever seen from another solar system is whizzing through our own, and astronomers are racing to observe the visitor before it slips away. Links: Nature Sky and Telescope
  3. mileymo

    Relative time in space

    What speed does a ship travelling through deep space need to travel at for 1 day on the ship to equal 1 day on earth?
  4. mileymo

    Travel at light speed

    How long/what distance would it take a spaceship (with a hypothetical propellant-less engine) to accelerate to near light speed, and secondly, how low long/what distance would it take to decelerate back to zero again?
  5. mileymo

    Gravity versus Time Dilation Question

    I'm wondering if a ship orbited a black hole for a year, how large would the black hole be for it to equal 10,000 years on earth?
  6. I

    Radius and Mass of an Unknown Planet

    About: As a project, I'm trying to solve for the approximate radius and mass of a approximately earth-sized planet, Mann, from Interstellar. According to what was provided, g = 7.84m/s2 The solid part of the planet is composed of a honeycomb of rock and ice The space inside the honeycomb is...
  7. diogenesNY

    Intersellar - NY Times article on its science

    Today's _Out There_ column ( in the New York Times) by David Overby takes a look at the physics of _Interstellar_ and the reception thereof by various audiences. Interesting article. It can be found on page D1 of the print edition. Links- (One is the article's formal permalink, the other...
  8. P

    The propagation of disturbances in interstellar gases

    Homework Statement Show that the solution of the form ρ1 = ρ1(x±a0t) satisfy the equation: ∂2ρ1/∂t2 - a02∂2ρ1/∂x2 = 0 and that they correspond to waves propagating in the directions x increasing or decreasing. Homework Equations P = P0 + P1 ρ = ρ0 + ρ1 u = u1 The Attempt at a Solution P1 =...
  9. R

    Interstellar Movie Questions

    Hello everyone! I recently watched the new Interstellar movie, and have some questions that I would like answered. Warning: Spolier Alert! My questions will contain spoilers, so if you havent seen the movie yet, and plan to do so, leave now. Also, if you are going to rant about the movie, do it...