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Intro to Topology Recommended Texts

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    I know there are some threads out there already, but none really help me (see my description below).

    I am a high school student. My highest level of math education is Calculus I. I am currently taking Calculus II (although I already know the integration portion of this course).

    I have no education in topology besides some simple knowledge from discrete math texts.

    I need a topology text that is thorough, ideally has a solutions manual, and does NOT require knowledge of higher-level real/complex analysis.

    Thanks in advance
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    Munkres will be your best bet. It starts from the very basics of set theory and it goes quite deep.
    However, a lot of motivation for the things we do actually comes from real analysis. So it may very well happen that you find topology to be ill-motivated. But other than that, Munkres should be ideal for you.
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    Thanks micromass. Although its a bit pricy, my school is paying for it so I think I'll purchase it.

    By the way, could you give me a good source for downloading the solutions manual. I've done some looking into that already, but everything I've found is incomplete and requires logging in through subscribing w/ pay (which I'd like to avoid).
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    I'm not aware that a solution manual even exists :frown: And I doubt you will find one without paying...
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    You're right about a nonexistent official solutions manual. I was looking at some solutions posted by other users, which I guess is the reason they were incomplete.

    With that said, do you know of some other text that matches what I'm looking for AND has a solutions manual (either for free or for purchase, I guess it doesnt matter)? The reason why I really would prefer a solutions manual is because I'm using this text for an directed study and my high school teacher is not really familiar with topology.

    Thanks a lot in advance
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    What about this one?


    It's not really a textbook, but rather a problem course. That is, you learn the material by solving problems. You can find a free version of the text on the website above. However, if you want a text that contains the proofs and solutions, then you'll have to pay for it.

    To my (limited) knowledge, this is the only text with a solution manual.
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    @micromass. Thanks for the problem course link. I'll use it as a supplement to the Munkres text which I just ordered.

    @Petek. Thanks for the idea. Like you said, it seems ideal as a supplement to another text since it is only an "outline."
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