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Introduction to the development of Quantum Mechanics

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    Hello! I would like to find a book which covers the historical development of Quantum Mechanics from which I can learn which experiments lead to which discoveries. In lectures you usually only get taught formalisms, but I would really like to know how the theory was developed.
    Can you tell me, which book I could look into? Thanks in advance!
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    Manjit Kumar: Quantum

    Great book, highly recommended.


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    Jano L.

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    Perhaps the books in Russian

    Tригг Дж.(Trigg G.L.) Решающие эксперименты в современной физике(Crucial experiments in modern physics, 1971) Мир 1974
    Тригг Дж. (Trigg G.) Физика ХХ века: ключевые эксперименты (Physics of the twentieth century: the key experiments) Мир 1978

    I do not know any similar book in English. Probably the original papers are the best for your purpose.
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