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Intuitive Analogy to describe QM

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    So I thought of an easy visual analogy to try and grasp the idea of quantum physics, and I wanted to see if this is accurate or if I am off base in my understanding (As I have mentioned, I'm not a physicist.)

    Picture a point. Draw lines from that point that moving away that are neither perpendicular or parallel. Draw waves that intersect as the lines are close together, but as they move further away become more an more separated. Iterate, and start a new point at every progression of the line along some hypothetical time axis. Looking at an individual point, if you looked backwards, All the intersecting waves would give the appearance of forming a continuous whole (not being waves at all, but being fully colored in). However, on closer examination, any point you pick is located somewhere along a wave, and to see where the next point is along your imaginary time line, there are a number of different possible pathways. Furthermore, the "points" are not really points exactly, but some division of part of a wave. In order to pick a meaningful point, you have to see where one wave intersects another. This is not a true picture of the whole "point" at any moment along your time axis, but part of two wave points.

    Is this a good analogy, or not?
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