Iran Sentences Canadian Programmer to Death for Writing Program

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    I just can't believe this. If anyone wanted proof that Iran's leadership is not in any way civilized, this is it. I feel that something should be done, but I just am not sure what yet.
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  3. The customs of a people are its mores. These may include its morals (ethics), but the word “mores” is not synonymous with “morals.” Some eels are morays, but they aren’t known particularly for their social customs, though both words are pronounced the same.

    I'm just glad I'm a Canadian.
    my government will get involved ...
  4. Believe it. It happens every day. Not just in Iran. The Iranian leadership is civilized, just a bit medieval. They, and most of the rest of the Islamic world, are a few hundred years behind the Western world wrt cultural evolution. But the internet, globalization, etc., is exposing the younger middle eastern generations to alternative, progressive ways of thinking ... which they seem to be embracing. Which is, imho, a good thing, and will eventually bring about changes that will preclude the possibility of things like the thread topic happening.
  5. Ok-

    Since people have transported pornography on Iranian roadways, their heads of state should put one another to death for having built those roads.

    This is fun. Let's see how many Iranian occupations we can mark as "executable" due to the promulgation of pornography.
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    Based on a biased sampling of my Iranian friends (most of whom I met during graduate school), the Iranian diaspora seems to be comprised of young, educated, and liberal (comparatively) people of middle or upper-middle class background.

    Since that demographic (in conjunction with disaffection) is the ideal demographic for a restive population, maybe this (and similar actions) are a not-so-subtle reminder from the regime that once out, ex-pat Iranians should STAY out.
  7. Europe was living in the dark ages because of the church control of every aspect of life. They were killing scientists , thinkers and innovators in the time Muslims were owners of progress in most aspects of life including Politics , Science , economics and arts . They were the cause of European civilization . So in medieval times Muslims were the advanced civilization in contrast to Europe which was retarded
  8. Rather uncivilized. This is exactly what is wrong with Iran. They take mores over ethics (or rather, some basic law principles along which law should be organized, their judicial system is completely arbitrary). Anything which 'feels wrong' is wrong, and subsequently a religious rationalization why it is wrong is given. Which will always work, since, IMO, religion is completely opportunistic.

    In western term, I would call that arbitrary and capricious, and a term medieval is just about right.
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