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Is complimentarity an expression of HUP?

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    Novice questions:

    1. All complimentarities seems to be an expression of HUP....

    (for example from some of the quantum eraser experiments such as DCQE)

    Is that correct? I.e. Complimentarity is NOT a phenomena/mystery that is seperate/different from HUP

    2. Can we derive/conclude complimentarities from each other?

    For example if we know position & momentum are complimentary;

    are we able to derive/conclude that time & energy must be complimentary?
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    When writing the Lagrangian in classical mechanics "momentum p conjugate to position q" is:

    p=∂L/∂v, where v=dq/dt

    If P,Q are the quantum operators that correspond to the original conjugate pair p,q then the quantum commutator satisfies the HUP:

    [P,Q] = -ih_bar

    Energy and time are _not_ a conjugate pair, and there is no "time operator" in QM.

    Complementarity is a principle of the Copenhagen interpretation of QM:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complementarity_(physics [Broken])
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