What is Hup: Definition and 68 Discussions

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  1. JBlue

    I HUP for spin seems violated: 0 x sy > sz/2...?

    HUP for spins reads $$\langle\sigma_z^2\rangle\langle\sigma_x^2\rangle \ge \frac{1}{4}|\langle\sigma_y\rangle|^2$$ Right after measuring ##\sigma_z##, we know it exactly, and so ##\langle\sigma_z^2\rangle=0##. However, HUP then implies that ##\langle\sigma_y^2\rangle=\infty## Even if we say...
  2. S

    B Examples of less popular pairs of physical properties with uncertainty (HUP)

    Position and momentum are the popular pairs of properties with uncertainty we often hear about, for example that we cannot know with precision where an electron is and its momentum at the same time. What are others? Such as an example of an energy and a time that we cannot know both...
  3. D

    B What about if I apply HUP to myself?

    Hi HUP states that if i know the exact position of a particle there must be infinite uncertainty in its momentum. What about if i apply HUP to myself ? Is it not possible for me to know that i am standing at a specified position and not moving ; implying zero uncertainty in both position and...
  4. D

    I HUP and the observer effect

    The observer effect results from the interaction of a quantum system with a measurement device. The HUP is more fundamental: it results from the fact that certain quantum measurements cannot be made simultaneously (or, equivalently: certain quantum observables do not commute, most famously -...
  5. vintagelover007

    Quantum Uncertainty Questions (HUP)

    a) Consider a dust grain of mass 0.1µg whose position is known to a distance of 1µm. How precisely can its velocity be known? b) A company claims to have invented a device that can measure the momentum of objects inside it with extreme accuracy. The device fits within a matchbox, and the...
  6. Souma

    I What would the world be like if the HUP were not a thing?

    Hello everyone, If something is a principle of reality, then its absence means reality will not be reality anymore. This is my point of view on what a principle means. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, as Bohr stated, is not an indication of our ignorance, but what reality is. If this is...
  7. N

    I Is it possible to explain Quantum tunneling with the HUP?

    I'm a student in South Korea(It is my first English question ever). I found descriptions of quantum tunneling explained by the uncertainty principle in Korea. There are two kinds of descriptions to explain quantum tunneling; position-momentum and time-energy uncertainty principle. First...
  8. P

    I What's the significance of HUP if Ψ collapses?

    If I understand it correctly, a particle doesn't have a definite momentum and a definite position, but is in a superposition of multiple positions and momenta. And when we measure either of the two quantities, say, position, the wavefunction collapses to tell us where the particle is. Now when...
  9. G

    B The HUP in absence of observers

    I'm asking this after some previous thread about the HUP. If I understand well, the HUP is basically about measurements, that is, it imposes limitations to the quality of the information any observer may attempt to obtain about the universe. My question is, how should we understand the HUP in...
  10. G

    B Is quantum physics "retro-deterministic"?

    The question relates to the deterministic views of people like Descartes or Pierre de Laplace, the infamous "an omniscient intelligence who could know precisely the position and momentum of every single particle in the universe would be able to predict the future with total accuracy, past...
  11. nomadreid

    I Infinite or undefined standard deviation in HUP

    If we measure one conjugate variable in an uncertainty relation precisely , i.e., so its standard deviation is zero, then by the HUP the sd of the other one is either infinite or undefined. But what about the cases when the other conjugate variable has limits: e.g., there cannot be an infinite...
  12. A

    I Finite universe, quantized linear momentum, and the HUP....

    Hi all, Yet another question: if the universe is finite, then linear momentum should be quantized (I assume in a similar manner to an infinite potential well since there are boundary conditions). My question is, then, if one computes a value for ##\Delta p## (momentum variance), is the variance...
  13. C

    I Revisiting Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle: Is There Room for Improvement?

    Is there any mistake in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle?
  14. LarryS

    B Does precise momentum guarantee precise energy?

    In non-relativistic QM, wave functions are represented as a superposition of complex exponentials in which the energy/frequency is a function only of momentum/wave number (dispersion relation). This seems to imply that under the HUP, precise momentum guarantees precise energy. Are there any...
  15. H

    B Should Fourier Transforms Be Taught Before Introducing the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?

    HUP was taught at least to me, as a brute fact that came into existence when my lecturer wrote it on the board...with chalk. I was fortunate enough to have already had some background in Fourier Transforms. When doing a basic course on SWE and the link between it and wave solutions, the HUP...
  16. Zeeboozoo

    Tangibly Explaining HUP to General Chemistry Students

    I understand this topic has been brought up before, however there appears to be "truth" or "lies" and very little in between when it comes to explaining the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) to students of freshman chemistry. I'm teaching university general chemistry to students who've had...
  17. C

    Physical meaning of a wave packet w/ respect to HUP&duality

    I'm a QM noob/newb trying to understand the physical implication of a wave packet, in my mind it is something like this: On the x-axis there is displacement (vibration), probability on the y. I Imagine stretching and compressing the wave packet. When I stretch it out, the amplitude must...
  18. .Scott

    What happens when an object approaches an event horizon?

    My question is: Is my picture of what happens as something approaches an event horizon accurate - and are there any citations describing it? I got my "picture" from a PBS broadcast several years ago. It was since mentioned in these forums, but I haven't been able to find an explicit mention...
  19. M

    Solutions of schrodinger equation contradicts HUP

    By solving the schrodinger equation, we get atmost two solutions for wavefunctions with definite wavenumber and definite wavelength. Thus, we know specifically the momentum of the particle. But this is contradicted by HUP. Please explain. I would appreciate an explanation in the context of a...
  20. phinds

    This forum gives conflicting info on the HUP

    I am not going to look up specific threads to support that assertion because I assume they have been seen by all those who regularly read threads on the HUP. If necessary, I'll dig up a few. The two points of view expressed in various threads are as follows 1) Simultaneous measurements for...
  21. anorlunda

    HUP and Rest Mass of Electrons

    Electrons emit and absorb photons all the time. I heard that each electron is surrounded by a cloud of 10^{20} photons. That suggests to me that the rest mass of an electron must fluctuate, and that raises the prospect of uncertainty. My questions: Is the rest mass of an electron really...
  22. S

    Is complimentarity an expression of HUP?

    Novice questions: 1. All complimentarities seems to be an expression of HUP... (for example from some of the quantum eraser experiments such as DCQE) Is that correct? I.e. Complimentarity is NOT a phenomena/mystery that is seperate/different from HUP 2. Can we derive/conclude...
  23. S

    Questions about HUP, entanglement and coherence

    HUP --> Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle The below questions maybe a bit amateurish. 1. Can two photons be entangled on both position and momentum?...for a same time period I think not because: To entangle on momentum (or any property) we need a broad distribution of momentum for the photon...
  24. S

    HUP and good quantum numbers that commute

    I have a question about the HUP. As I understand the HUP, it only applies to conjugate attributes that do not commute, such as position and momentum. However, many good quantum numbers do commute, so does this mean that the HUP does not apply to simultaneous measurement of such good quantum...
  25. G

    HUP and Conservation of momentum

    The HUP says that I can not know the position and the momentum of a particle simultaneously, therefore, from time T1 to time T2 I cannot predict its position. How does this not violate the law of conservation of momentum? If you cannot know its position and momentum exactly that how do we know...
  26. M

    I am getting into a mess with the HUP

    Now, I am lost, I am stuck with the Heisenberg principle.. Seriously, the more I read papers, standard textbooks, or any books on it, I find I am more lost, nearly all seem to contradict all. *http://www.kevinaylward.co.uk/qm/ballentine_ensemble_interpretation_1970.pdf In page 365, This...
  27. mrspeedybob

    Is this the HUP or diffraction?

    Consider the following video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0FGo8mi-5w4 Am I really seeing a demonstration of the HUP or am I just seeing diffraction? In this instance, is it just different models with different terminology describing the same thing? If so, what...
  28. H

    A Thought Experiment in the HUP

    A number of threads in this forum oscillate between pure mathematical descriptions of the HUP and QM generally, while others *try* to provide a physical, visualisable causal model to explain them. Heisenberg's original quantum microscope explanation for the HUP was such an example which...
  29. haushofer

    HUP in QFT and QM:virtual particles

    Hi, I have a question about reconciling two pictures of virtual particles and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP). In QFT "virtual particles" show up in perturbative calculations. We try to calculate an amplitude in interacting theories, this can not be done in an exact way, so we...
  30. J

    The HUP, simultaneous measurements, and eigenfunctions

    Hi everyone, I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit -- and in particular it's been done in this thread and this thread. But there are still some things I want to talk about in order to (hopefully) clarify my own thoughts. One of the threads discusses this Ballentine article in which...
  31. bcrowell

    Experimental violation of HUP in its original form

    Violation of Heisenberg's Measurement-Disturbance Relationship by Weak Measurements Lee A. Rozema, Ardavan Darabi, Dylan H. Mahler, Alex Hayat, Yasaman Soudagar, Aephraim M. Steinberg http://arxiv.org/abs/1208.0034 This paper says there are two forms of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle...
  32. D

    Does New Research Disprove Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?

    BBC NEws Story "refuting" HUP http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19489385 I did a double take when I read this, can someone please explain what it's all about?
  33. S

    Is nothing an unstable thing that violates HUP?

    Is "nothing" an unstable thing that violates HUP? I am trying to understand the logic behind the likelihood of creatio ex nihilo. Does QM tell us that it isn't possible for something to have position and velocity both be 0 at the same time, which is what "nothing" would suggest?
  34. F

    HUP and the effects of measuring a particle

    If I want to measure the position of a particle, and to do so I bombard it with a photon. What attributes of the particle will this interaction affect? I would think that it could affect both the particle's direction and its mass, which in turn would have an effect on both its position and its...
  35. J

    Doesnt qtm zeno effect contadict the idea that hup is there even when not observed?

    in q zeno effect, measuring, or observing a particle will effect its outcome. however, its been said on this forum that the hup is there whether we observe it or not. contradiction?
  36. J

    Does the hup essentially represent the wall or curtain of the universe?

    does the hup essentially represent the "wall" or "curtain" of the universe? what i mean is, when you don't have any observable ability of what's going on behind a white curtain, if occurrences behind the curtain produce spots on the curtain which we see but we do no see their cause, we can only...
  37. L

    Exploring the Uncertainty of High-Energy Particle Probing

    Measuring with great precision the position of a particle, requires high momentum ( and thus energy) of a second particle, that probes the first. That is because when you want to guide a particle to a precise position, then you need to give it high momentum, so it has enough leeway to spread...
  38. D

    HUP Greeting: Meaning & Opinions

    Greeting to everyone. This is my first time here (A bit nervous) According to many sources, many books, "Heisenberg uncertainty principle" tells us that it is impossible to measure anything exactly. I agree as the proving equation does not apply any measuring instrument at all which means...
  39. S

    Can someone explain HUP with some mathematical rigor?

    I was watching one of Susskind's videos and I had some questions: Briefly summarizing from the video: E = hf (Planck's constant times frequency) E = cp (speed of light times momentum) or p = E/c = hf/c And we know that if we have wavelength lambda, then if t = 1/f and vel = dist/time...
  40. LarryS

    Laser Light & HUP: Understanding How Position & Momentum Affect Each Other

    A beam of light from a laser projected on a screen with a very small hole in it will spread after it traverses the pin hole because of the HUP: Measuring position so accurately causes loss of information about the momentum. I believe that in the case of laser light, only information about the...
  41. E

    Nonlinear measurements - HUP violation or not?

    According to this article, researchers have obtained measurements with an accuracy larger than the upper bound set by HUP. http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/45535 My first thought is that this is not a violation, since we are talking about a finite number of measurements, but then...
  42. Bob3141592

    Exploring Distance & HUP w/ Bose-Einstein Condensates

    I've been thinking about what Bose-Einstein Condensates means in terms of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. When a cluster of atoms is made very cold the particles lose momentum, relative to the other particles in the cluster. This causes the position of the particles to become uncertain...
  43. LarryS

    Uncertainty Principle in Wilson Cloud Chamber Measurements

    An alpha-particle produced by radioactive decay leaves a visible continuous track in a Wilson Cloud Chamber. As it collides with and ionizes the molecules of the vapor, its position is constantly being “measured” by the vapor molecules. If a magnetic field is present, its track will be curved...
  44. nomadreid

    Is there an equivalent of the HUP for spins?

    I know the following question is elementary, but being a dilettante in QM, I am confused on the following. So, I have two questions. The first question is whether the following reasoning is correct, and if not, why not. First, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) applies to...
  45. JK423

    HUP & Non conservation of energy

    There is one thing i always wanted to ask. Since when HUP is so 'easily' allowed to explain the obvious non-conservation of energy? With what justification we say with such an ease that a particle can borrow(wtf does that mean?) energy ΔΕ but it must return it(what...??) in time Δτ? I really...
  46. E

    Particle Trajectory & Velocity in Bubble Chamber vs HUP

    Hi! Let's say I have a bubble chamber and a particle traveling in it. I know the trajectory of the particle, because I can see the bubbles. But if I measure the time elapsed between the appearance of the first bubble and of the last one, I know how much time the particle took to follow the...
  47. P

    Harmonic oscillator and the HUP

    Homework Statement Prove that a 1-d harmonic oscillator in ground state obeys the HUP by computing delta P sub x and delta X Homework Equations delta x = sqrt(<x^2>-<x>^2) delta px = sqrt(<px^2>-<px>^2) The Attempt at a Solution I have absolutely no idea where to start with...
  48. LarryS

    HUP and the Double-Slit Experiment

    Consider the following double-slit experiment: The source is an optical laser. The beam is, say, ½-inch wide and the laser is located far enough, say 10 yards, from the 2 slits to guarantee a large uncertainty in position (because of the very small uncertainty in the momentum direction)...
  49. D

    HUP: Particles vs Flows - Exploring the Spectrum

    Well, I will try to explain it. So, HUP and non-conjugate variables. If we know the position precisely, we don't know the momentum. On the contrary, if we know the momentum, we don't know the position. Sorry for repeating the obvious. Interpret HUP as a spectrum: on one side we know the...
  50. S

    Is it possible to derive HUP from SE?

    Is it possible to derive Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle just using Schrodinger Equation? If yes, is there any source that you can refer me to?