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Is Consciousness actually Information

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    If the cells in our body (including brain cells) are replaced every 7 years, then in a sense we should be completely different individuals than we were 7+ years ago. But to us, we sense the sameness in consciousness throughout our life. How can that be?

    My belief is that it is the information we possess that gives us consciousness. This information conforms the cells (and molecules and atoms) to particular patterns and makes us who we are.

    So it would seem that your conscious could be duplicated (as long as it does not violate Pauli Exclusion principle) if enough information was collected.
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    This works if your consciousness is in the structure of the brain. If your brain is a specialized transceiver connected to your eternal soul, then duplicating your brain atom by atom may result in something quite different than a duplicated consciousness.

    In either case we all agree because of the 7-year matter biocycle that consciousness does not attach to the matter itself.
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    Of course, there are billions of recorded cases of brainless consciousness.
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    Isn't there a forum for this? :confused:
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    Clearly not this one.

    Anyway, our brain is one small supercomputer that stores information ( with tonnes of lossy logic as we forget a lot too) through many connections and some biochemical means (maybe). The matter that gets replaced plays no important role as matter is just that, has no information other than itself. If it is arranged in a readable pattern than it is information, sorta that is what happens.

    But neurons do not divide, that is they do not bother with a lot of matter replacement at least at a nucleus level (of which they can have more than one) so their DNA is mostly the same through their lifetime. If one dies, it's not replaced in an adult person. So our "Consciousness" loses matter and information.

    When you say Consciousness it's not just information but a lot of loop feedback relations as well.
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    Really? I have only encountered it twice. No, make that three times.

    And no, this isnt the forum for that.
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    Actually, I have a theory in the works...

    I once read last year that the vibrations in the 5th dimension are converted to light in our 3rd dimension.
    If this is correct, then I believe invisible mediums and other types of matter that do not interfere with ours can exist in higher or lower planes of dimension that are intangible and undetectable by our eyes due to their limmited visual spectrum.

    So, I believe our minds and consciences can be stored and USED in higher dimensions where the laws of physics mean nothing.
    This explains how we can dream up entire worlds in our sleep, or recall certain memories if we experience amnesia.

    What's even further strange is that if we extract our minds from our bodies, we will be emotionless and uncaring.
    The brain chemicals like Dopamine and Endorphines produce a sense of rewarding happiness.
    The hormone chemicals that make us the very men we are would be absent, so the need for love or sex would be absent.

    However, our 1/0 decision table will always be with us.

    When a kid recieves a new "transformers" toy for christmas, these are the nodes buzzing in his head:

    "Do you accept this object?"
    "Do you approve of its purpose within your existence?"
    Yes.(And the kid fantasizes of what awesome theatric stories he'll make with those toys and mind)
    "Do you disapprove of any of its features?"

    So friendship and the need to learn will always follow through the afterlife.

    More importantly, if ALL of our minds are internally stored within a higher dimension, then this means our minds can connect with each other and transfer thoughts directly once we die.
    So if my theory is correct, telepathy and "Heaven" are very likely to exist.

    Heaven wouldn't be "shiny gold gates" and "soft clouds" but much rather empty space, and our minds can link together when desired.

    Think about it, heaven doesn't have to look pretty. True heaven can only be achieved by allowing people to communicate their thoughts via higher-dimensional mind-emitted signals.
    This way, people can understand each other's emotions and thoughts to the deepest degree, and misunderstandings will be less likely since bodily flaws won't cause mistakes or interferences.

    Sooo um yeah... I think our minds are stored in a higher dimension, but can be accessed and manipulated by our brains.

    Don't believe me?

    Well, when you heat up a stove , the ring/bar gets hot and begins to glow red, right?
    Most of us already know that high speed vibrations become heat, and excessive heat produces light.
    Well, those vibrations are so intense, that they are vibrating a medium in the 5th dimension and those vibrations are visible as light in our 3rd dimension.

    Thus, inter-dimensional interaction is possible, and our brains may be altering our minds, which are in a higher dimensional level yet stored inside of our skulls.

    So the idea is that YES, it could be that our consciences are a central entity that says "yes" and "no" in its own way according to different situations. Then this decision is acted out by the body.

    If you STRONGLY disapprove of someone, your testosterone hormones kick into overdrive and you get annoyed.Your brain and several other chemicals help you handle the situation and decide what's best.
    So whenever you experience difficulty, your body sends chemicals to the brain to influence your decisions- this is system goes haywire when people get drunk.
    If you're happy and satisfied with a situation, your body sends endorphines and dopamine and give you a rewarding feeling, which adds to the satisfaction, like winning a baseball game or spending the night in a nice hotel during a vacation.

    So in a way, your concience is the information and your body processes it and enhances it.
    Without your body you would lack emotions and pretty much think in a straight-forward manner.

    I know I know, I sound like a retarded madman when you're reading this, please excuse me for that because it's 2:24 AM over here and my judgement isn't at its best. At least I did what I could to answer your question and go in depth with my answer :)

    Even though it's a weird and abstract thought, I hope it entertained you guys to some degree.
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    Four and counting .......... Helldiver by God :))))
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