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Is dark matter distrubition always near galaxies?

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    Is there any dark matter where no baryonic matter (which here the galaxies).I mean are we observe dark matter only around the matter ? Or dark matter can be anywhere (In empty space which theres no baryonic matter around)
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    Yes it is thought that dark matter exists in the from of strands and filaments throughout the cosmos, much of it being where there is very little of ordinary baryonic matter present.
    Because DM does interact gravitationally. galaxies tend to be present where these DM strands are more dense.
    This link though not an academic reference might be helpful in explaining further.
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    thank you
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    We can detect dark matter where little or no baryonic matter exists by virtue of gravitational lensing.
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    Cosmologists at Penn Weigh Cosmic Filaments and Voids'

    "Dark matter ... permeates all the way to the center of the voids."

    'No Empty Space in the Universe --Dark Matter Discovered to Fill Intergalactic Space'

    "A long standing mystery on where the missing dark matter is has been solved by the research. There is no empty space in the universe. The intergalactic space is filled with dark matter."
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    As wess pointed out, dark matter is everywhere. It's just more dense in some places.
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