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Is it possible to be completely still in space?

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    So we are on a rotating planet, which also hurdles through space orbiting the sun, which also is hurdling through space orbiting the center of the galaxy. Is it possible to be motionless in space?
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    Relative to what? Motion is relative. If you are searching for an absolute frame of reference, there isn't one.
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    What about the cosmic microwave background; could that not be considered as an absolute F of R?
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    No, there is not such thing as an absolute frame of reference. You can state the Earth's velocity (or anything else's velocity if you wish) relative to the CMB, but it is not an absolute velocity in any sense.
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    Ask yourself this. What does "absolute reference frame" mean?
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    The CMB does define a frame of reference, but the laws of physics don't single out that frame of reference as special.
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