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Is making AH(Anti-Hydrogen) illegal?

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    Is making AH(Anti-Hydrogen) illegal?

    If used in small amounts could it make an explosion that produces fire? (AH firecracker)

    Is it illegal to have the equipment used in making AH?

    Basically Anti-Hydrogen is anti-protons and anti-electrons put together, and apparently this can be dangerous and blow up a city.
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    Media has the quality of over-exaggerating the consequences of certain events. The quantity of anti-hydrogen being produced and annihilated in accelerators is infinitesimal compared to the natural anti-particle-particle annihilations occurring in the upper atmosphere of Earth from Cosmic Rays. The amount of anti-hydrogen atoms necessary for such a cataclysmic event would require millions of years of particle collisions while suspending the anti-matter in a non-interacting chamber.
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    So, nothing would happen? Guess I can't make an AH Fire cracker :/
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    No, something will happen such as gamma ray emissions but the affects wouldn't be noticeable macroscopically.
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    It appears you might like to make things go "bang"

    Just for your knowledge, there are strict state/federal regulations and guidelines governing such activities and/or experimentation regardless of the materials or methods used.

    Those regulations and guidelines are both for your safety and the safety of others.

    Not to pee on your parade, just to inform...
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    Given the length L of a parade, that continues for a time T, find the rate of change of flow you would need to pee at;

    You are 10m above ground peeing onto the parade, and the diameter of the pipe the pee is coming out of is 2mm, the density of the urine is 1.035g/cm^3, the temperature of all systems is at equilibrium at 293k and the atmospheric pressure is 100kpa

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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    Unless you own a multi million/billion dollar particle accelerator, you cannot make anti matter. Along with that, making both anti-protons and positrons (anti-electrons) AND getting them to combine together is even harder and more expensive. The total amount of anti-matter ever produced in the world by man is ridiculously small. To quote Cern: "If we could assemble all the antimatter we've ever made at CERN and annihilate it with matter, we would have enough energy to light a single electric light bulb for a few minutes." - http://public.web.cern.ch/public/en/Spotlight/SpotlightAandD-en.html [Broken]
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    Re: Anti-Hydrogen

    Hello, everyone.
    I am Bond, James Bond, and I must stop your evil endeavor.
    Shaken, not stirred, please.
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