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Is mathematics the same in other universes?

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    I was wondering, because mathematics is logical, its exists because of reasoning, not because of sorroundings, then surely it must be the same even if you live in another universe, 1+1=2, not because of daily experience but because of logic, you wouldnt expect to put two things together and expect 3 things to appear, just an interesting thought...please post your ideas and tell me if you think im wrong or right
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    You don't have to go to another universe, just another society of intelligent organisms anywhere, as long as it developed independently of us. Our name for "2" is defined as the result that someone gets when they add 1 to 1, so that procedure would be the same for any intelligent beings, although they use a different language. However, they might do some things differently. They might measure points in space with spherical coordinates instead of rectangular. They might not use base 10.
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    But if we just for now,consider another universe, i mean according to string theory we're just one of an infinite amount of universes, and each universe has its own set pf physical laws, but because mathematics is logical, surely it would be the same in every other universe, hence the laws of physics would also be the same
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    No no. This definitely does not follow. The universal constants might be radically different in another universe; electrons might never orbit protons; there might be no atoms at all. There might be no gravity, etc.

    Mathematics could still describe that universe, but it won't determine that universe.
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    Ahh, I see where I was going wrong now, that was plainly obvious, but from all this it does still seem to follow that the mathematics would still be the same, if for example someone with sufficient mathematical knowledge was put in another universe, he would be able describe the laws of that universe quite well with the mathematics he already knows provided he was given the physical constants (and if he lived long enough)
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    I don't see why mathematics and logic have to be the same in other universes. Just because we can't imagine it doesn't mean it isn't possible. However, just the phrase "other universe" assumes a lot, maybe the concepts needed to define a universe (time, space, existence etc.) don't need to apply either.
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