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Is NATURAL apple juice a clear liquid?

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    what imean by natural is...u know how motts comes in regular and natural? well i bought the natural kind..but i bought store brand. if i wave my hand behind the bottle i can barely see it...(the shadow of it) with gatorade i can see it much clearer..but idont like gatorades....

    one site ive looked at says any fruit juice without pulp is a clear liquid....but that would mean orange juice is??? which i highly doubt
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    They're both natural, clear juice is filtered.
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    Yeah the clear stuff is just filtered through a fine mesh, mostly for marketability. What you really want to look at is on top of the nutrition panel on the back. Above the panel it should say '100% juice'. This means they didn't take some juice, and add some sugar and water to it to make it cheaper for them to make.

    Personally I just eat an apple! (better for ya)
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    The most refreshing drink I've ever had is fresh squeezed apple 'cider', and I don't mean the fermented kind. No preservatives, no pasteurization. I've yet to find anything in supermarkets that comes even close. When I was a kid (in Michigan), we used to go directly to the cider mill with a metal milk can and fill it to the brim. In California, I know one place (in the Sierra foothills) that makes it.

    A close second is a mixture of lemonade (7up or Spite might work) and beer.
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    Apple juice very quickly discolours after pressing in the presence of oxygen. It goes a horrible brown colour which doesn't affect the flavour at all. When I'm making cider I put a bit of lemon juice in when I'm pulping, and try and do everything as quickly as possible, but it usually goes brown anyway!
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    Actually, if you filter it enough, you'll end up with just water and that's clear.
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