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Is our perception of reality frequency based?

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    I found this site via a google search for some key terms I was thinking about. Let me preface by saying I have never taken a physics class, and I am definitely no genius.

    I formerly was an intelligence analyst in the military working with electronic signals, the concept that I'm now pondering only came to me within the past few years though.

    What if our perception of reality is due to our minds being tuned into a specific frequency, and along with that all other minds, and objects are "tuned" in to this frequency. I think of the universe kind of like a radio spectrum, withour minds being tuned into a specific channel. We can only perceive what we are tuned into. Therefore, if we're to think that everything that can happen, does happen at some point in time - could these alternative realities exist at even the most minute difference of frequency? If we were able to change the frequency of reality we perceive, would our world be different and if so, would we have any memories of the our previous perceptions? Do we naturally go in between different frequencies throughout the course of our lives? If there is any merit to this line of thinking, how could it be proved? By locating a resonate frequency of the universe perhaps? It couldn't a relative frequency emitted by all people, because as I see it - we are "listening" to the frequency, not necessarily transmitting. Perhaps these are just crazy thoughts, figured I would share though. Hopefully I've come to the right place.
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    jim hardy

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    myself, i think thoughts are not electromagnetic in nature. Einstein's dad had an electromagnet factory so he was imprinted early-on to ponder that mysterious force and his thoughts set the tone for whole 20th century..

    Brain is an electrochemical computer.

    you might enjoy Carl Jung's book "Synchronicity" , and the Jung-Pauli letters on that subject. Just search on their names.

    old jim
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely seek them out.

    I definitely can agree with your idea of the brain, which leads me to think there may be biological frequencies; for lack of a better term.
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