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Is physics more mathematical than other sciences?

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    Does physics reduce through mathematics more readily than other sciences do? Is physics more completely described by mathematics than other sciences are? Is physics perceived more like mathematics than other sciences?
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    Physics includes area where the causes work out pretty simply in terms of differntial equations. But that is a narrow part of physics, n much more of it, it's very hard to find equations and still harder to solve them. By the time you get to condensed matter physics it's extremely difficult.

    But because that's the way Galileo and Newton started out, math is the way they model nature. The same problem might be handled by condensed matter physics and molecular chemistry, but the two groups of scientists will attack it in completely different ways.
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    Any field that includes studies of Fluid Mechanics or Concentration flow /movement /Populations will have a high degree of mathematics...considering these topics are all applied mathematics. These fields include, Molecular dynamics, water, population dynamics(ecological ,predator prey dynamics or cell populations), atmospheric modelling, geophysics,Solid modelling.

    Spiking Neurons/neural networks/brain modelling apply a high degree of ODE/PDE also

    There are also application of combinatorics to Genome Studies(including Grapht theory), Molecular Modelling also uses COmputational Geometry.

    Anytime you include properties such as spatial coordinates
    ,movement, how many, permutation/arrangement you will apply quite abit of math. The complexity in math depends on the complexity in teh topic.
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