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Is the condenser of a E-vehicle cooled by liquid circulation?

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    I've noticed that a FEW of the electrical vehicles have no front grill. I am quite surprised that they do not have one, because the condenser of the AC unit needs to have heat taken away from it (in other words, the condenser needs a heat exchanger). So, in view of the fact that E-vehicles don't have front grills, does that implicitly mean the condeser of the AC unit is liquid cooled?

    2. Could someone please give me a picture as to where the components of the AC unit are in a conventional EV? Most of the EV's have the front grill (2 kidney-shaped ones ) pretty low down the vehicle i.e exactly next to the fog lights. So, I'm guessing the radiator should be pretty low down.

    Here is a presentaion on the AC unit of the Mitsubishi I-Miev.
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    If that were true, what would cool the liquid coolant?

    BTW, the MiEV does have a front grill, it's just that it's small and cleverly hidden below the front license plate along the bottom of the vehicle, and painted black so no one pays any attention to it. See slide 3.

    If you check out slide 7, that appears to show the location of the essential parts of the A/C system. The rest of the car appears in phantom. For packaging reasons, the blower motors for the car HVAC are usually located in the dash, so it makes sense to locate as much of the rest of the system close by, as in a conventional car.
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