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A condenser is an optical lens which renders a divergent beam from a point source into a parallel or converging beam to illuminate an object.
Condensers are an essential part of any imaging device, such as microscopes, enlargers, slide projectors, and telescopes. The concept is applicable to all kinds of radiation undergoing optical transformation, such as electrons in electron microscopy, neutron radiation and synchrotron radiation optics.

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  1. Grinkle

    HVAC Diagnosing a thermostat issue

    If you are interested in the thread but don't have any background in the connections I will describe, the below video is a 5 minute description of the control signals and the theory of operation. Its a very informative video. Some definitions, using what I have learned is the common signal...
  2. kneo123

    Suitable condenser for dichloromethane solvent

    Hello. I have an interest in aquiring a soxhlet extractor glassware kit for experimentation and learning. Something small like with a 250ml flask. Not sure what geometry of condenser to go for, Graham Allihn, straight or else. I will be using dichloromethane as a solvent and would like to...
  3. Y

    Heat circle -- Calculating the air flow needed across a condenser

    Hi! I need to calculate what air flow needs to flow across the condenser so that the heat emitted from the condenser is directed to the air. dT=10÷15 [C] COP =~3 According to the manufacturer's data the fan airflow is 0.67 [m^3/sec] and i need to check if i can use it. thanks
  4. S

    Protecting My Condenser From Surge: Installing a Surge Protector

    I recently installed a surge protector to the disconnect for the condenser of my straight air-conditioner. I installed the surge protector to the disconnect for my condenser in exactly the way that the instructions with the surge protector instructed me to install the surge protector. I don't...
  5. S

    The reservoir of refrigerant between condenser & metering device

    When I was looking at the list of related threads to my thread "How does metering device in an A/C cause flash gas", I noticed an interesting thread titled "How does low charge on an A/C cause the subcooling to be low". PeterDonis and fourthindiana had an interesting conversation on that...
  6. L

    Leakage in a nuclear condenser

    Hi! I'm a bit curious, what would happen if there would be a leakage in the condenser in a nuclear plant (PWR or BWR). As I understood it the stean in the turbine is expanded to about 4 kPa and I guess the pressure outside in the freshwater that is pumped into the condenser is at atmospheric...
  7. M

    Condenser optimization question

    Hi, I have an attempt at a plate heat exchanger (condenser) that uses water to condenser refrigerant, as a part of a heat pump. I have a total heat load of 12.01 kW. My current heat load is 10 kW. I have an analytical error on the wall temperature of about 23%, if I use Excel's Solver to...
  8. M

    Condenser calculations - uncertainty

    A water cooled plate condenser, condensing refrigerant. Heat exchanger (condenser with plates) characteristics: Description symbol value value (converted) number of plates np 28 number of channels nc 27 number of water channels nwc 14 number of flowing channels for refrigerant...
  9. T

    Why will 240 volt condenser kill me but not 7,000 volt electric fence?

    I used to attend an HVAC program at a trade school. One time my instructor and i were working on either the outdoor unit of a split-system heat pump or the condenser of a split-system straight air-conditioner. Even though the unit we were working on was either an "outdoor unit" of a heat pump or...
  10. F

    Ohm reading when there is a short in a condenser motor

    Preface to thread: The multimeter is set to read resistance in all the scenarios I ask about in this message. The word "COMP" in the ladder diagram stands for compressor motor. The three letters underneath the capacitor are DRC, which stands for Dual Run Capacitor...
  11. H

    Voltage and electric field in capacitor

    1. We've been given a spherical capacitor with radius of 1 cm for inside electrode and 2 cm for outside electrode. Voltage between electrodes is 360 V and the task is to find largest and smalles electric field strength in capacitor.2. I'm not sure how voltage given in capacitor works and how to...
  12. Z

    What are the temperatures of the evaporator and condenser?

    Homework Statement By the data given below, Condenser Inlet Pressure (P1/kPa) 1164 Condenser Inlet Temperature (T1/K) 382.8 Condenser Outlet Pressure (P2/kPa) 1102 Condenser Outlet Temperature (T2/K) 297.2 Evaporator Inlet Pressure (P3/kPa) 290 Evaporator Inlet Temperature (T3/K) 259.5...
  13. L

    Can a 2500 Gallon Water Tank Sufficiently Cool a Condenser Without a Chiller?

    Hello! Hopefully someone here can help with this problem: I have a condenser that holds 35 gallons of water to cool the copper coil on my still. I need to know if I can create a closed loop system of cooling water that allows me to avoid running a chiller. I know that there is probably an...
  14. N

    Steam Condenser Not Working: Pressure & Temperature Issues

    The condensate drain from a steam condenser is expected to be about 50 deg C. It's only 38 deg C or so. There's a mix of steam and non condensable gases coming into the condenser. Its pressure seems slightly higher, being about 0.25 bar abs instead of 0.2 bar. What does it indicate? Also, no...
  15. P

    Applying cooling at the Condenser....

    We have an STG based thermal power plant in our hand and the steam flow rate is around 10 kg/sec or 36000 kg/hr. The Condenser is kept at 10 kPa pressure and the temperature there is 45°C. Now, a cooling system of capacity 142 ton of ice has been applied to the Condenser. I don't want to give...
  16. OMANII_93

    Calculating Heat Exchange Requirements for Ethanol Condenser

    Homework Statement Hi, I need someone to help me with this question. I tried to find the answer for two weeks I could not finde it. Anyone with the required experience can help! I will be so grateful. Question: A shell-and-tube heat exchanger is to act as a condenser: saturated ethyl alcohol...
  17. zoobyshoe

    Death of a Condenser (with Autopsy)

    So, a few days ago I was beetling down the road, and out of nowhere, the engine started all kinds of unacceptable tomfoolery: spluttering, loss of power, misfiring, hesitation, refusal to accelerate. I pulled over and fiddled with various things for an hour or so, and ended up with it running...
  18. O

    Electric Field Unchanged in Parallel Plate Condenser w/ Varying Distance

    If the distance between the plates of a parallel condensor is 4mm and the potential difference is 60 volts . Now if we increase the distance between the plates to 12mm , then Why the electric field does not get decrease , instead of that potential difference between the condensor becomes 180...
  19. T

    How does a Synchronous condenser shift the phase

    Hi, So when you over-excite the rotor of a synchronous motor, or under-excite the rotor of a synchronous generator, how is the flux actually changing the power factor of the armature to leading? (something to do with the magnitude of the armature reaction flux vector?) That is to ask: by what...
  20. David Gin

    Compressor Water Cooled Chiller Thermal Calculations

    Hi All, Is there a list of thermodynamics equations regarding the chiller process from condenser, evaporator, compressor to the regulator. Say I have chiller load at 90%, what set of equations could I use to determine the supply temperature of chill water and condenser supply temperature to...
  21. Brakwa

    Is my air ejector condenser causing vacuum issues?

    Having trouble at a plant where the vacuum has increased to the point where a pump has been put on the end of the air ejector condenser to maintain vacuum, without it the limits would be too high and trip the Steam Turbine. The question is, does the air ejector condenser continuously drain...
  22. M

    How to Calculate Casimir Force with Dielectric Vacuum Between Metal Plates?

    Hi. I want to ask how to calculate the Casimir force. when we have two metal platne100 nm apart and between dielectric vacuum instead? Thank.
  23. S

    Calculate Mass Flow rate of cooling water through condenser?

    I have a condenser with a mass flow rate of 60kg/s, an initial point 1: P=50kPa, Quality = 95% and a final point 2: P = 50kPa that is saturated liquid. cooling water flows through the condenser with a mass flow rate of m(dot) and has a delta temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. how do i...
  24. M

    Rankine cycle with low pressure condenser

    Hi guys, first post on the physics forum! I am slightly confused by the information provided by the following resource, the website is as follows - http://www.learnthermo.com/T1-tutorial/ch09/lesson-B/pg09.php The point that I do not understand is - "For starters, the quality of the turbine...
  25. R

    Design of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle

    Hi! For our class project, we have to design a system that freezes an amount of water as quick as possible. The refrigerant is R134a. The compressor is known. I don't really know how to get started here. How do I choose the evaporator pressure and the superheating, and equally the condensor...
  26. marellasunny

    Is the condenser of a E-vehicle cooled by liquid circulation?

    I've noticed that a FEW of the electrical vehicles have no front grill. I am quite surprised that they do not have one, because the condenser of the AC unit needs to have heat taken away from it (in other words, the condenser needs a heat exchanger). So, in view of the fact that E-vehicles don't...
  27. M

    Calculating Gas Stream Flow Rate from Condenser

    Homework Statement A gas stream contains 18.0 mole % hexane and the remainder nitrogen. The stream flows to a condenser, where its temperature is reduced and some of the hexane is liquefied. The hexane mole fraction in the gas stream leaving the condenser is 0.05. Liquid hexane condensate is...
  28. J

    Thermodynamics - evaporator condenser

    Hello - fundamental thermo question which is puzzling me... It concerns a multiple effect evaporator with condenser. Hot vapour is water, cooling medium is water. My question stems from the following: When the flow of cooling water to the condenser is increased, the pressure in the condenser...
  29. M

    Purpose of the dimples in a condenser is for?

    Hello, I am curious as to what the purpose of the dimples in a condenser is for? Here is an accompanying photo to show what I am talking about
  30. R

    Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Design (Evaporator and Condenser)

    Hi There Based on a Vapour compression refrigeration system: Does anyone out there know a good estimate or any real values for the total heat transfer area for the hot and cold sides of a domestic refrigeration system? i.e. the sum of the areas of the evaporator and the condenser. For the...
  31. S

    Open loop rankine cycle with no condenser

    Hello, I'm working on a small scale parabolic trough concentrator project to generate electricity. This electricity is used for pumping water for irrigation,and I want to use an open loop Rankine cycle with no condenser(if it is applicable),to reduce cost,with the steam exhausting directly...
  32. F

    Refrigeration - Work done by evaporator, condenser, expansion valve

    In vapor compression refrigeration, I know how to calculate the work done by the compressor (enthalpy at outlet - enthalpy at inlet), but I am lost on how to calculate the work done by the evaporator, condenser, and the expansion valve. For the evaporator and condenser, if I wish to have a...
  33. S

    Open loop rankine cycle with no condenser

    Hello, I'm working on a small scale parabolic trough concentrator project to generate electricity. This electricity is used for pumping water for irrigation,and I want to use an open loop Rankine cycle with no condenser(if it is applicable),to reduce cost,with the steam exhausting directly...
  34. A

    Design a condenser of a steam power plant

    This question is from my textbook: Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach 7ed SI Units, cengel. It is problem 10-129 and I can't seem to figure it out. Design the condenser of a steam power plant that has a thermal efficiency of 40 percent and generates 10 MW of net electric power. Steam...
  35. A

    How Can I Correctly Calculate Wall Temperature in an Air Cooled Steam Condenser?

    Hey my problem is related to air cooled condenser The condenser is for removing 5MW thermal power from steam at 350 C, the pressure is 170 kg/cm2. The average temperature of outside air is 95 C(inlet at 45 C and outlet at 145 C). the data is as follows: no of tubes : 182 tube od =25.4...
  36. A

    Help with Calculating Wall Temperature of Air Cooled Condenser

    Hey my problem is related to air cooled condenser The condenser is for removing 5MW thermal power from steam at 350 C, the pressure is 170 kg/cm2. The average temperature of outside air is 95 C(inlet at 45 C and outlet at 145 C). the data is as follows: no of tubes : 182 tube od =25.4 mm tube...
  37. C

    Condenser capacity inversely proportional to source voltage - why?

    Hello everyone. I indeed like to understand the things I am learning, and for the love of me, I cannot understand why, according to the formula, capacity of a condenser in a circuit consisted of said condenser and a power source is inversely proportional to the power source's voltage. Could you...
  38. D

    Optical trap, choosing the right condenser NA illuminate QPD

    Hi, I am looking to illuminate a quadrant photo diode using a condenser/ lens combination in a optical trap setup. I see thorlabs has a kit that has a 100x objective as a trap and a 10x objective as a condenser. Does that mean that one doesn't need to collect all the laser light scattered from a...
  39. T

    Relation between induction voltage, condenser and resistance

    Homework Statement Check out the attached image. The electromagnetic field B is constant. The rod is moving through the rail and an inductive emf V is produced on the closed loop. Due to that, the condenser C has a voltage difference Vc. Question: Express the relation between the...
  40. russ_watters

    Diagnosing AC Condenser Capacitor Failure

    So the starter capacitor in my AC condenser exploded a couple of days ago. I'm headed out to get a new one (found someone open!) and I'm just concerned that the failure could be just a symptom of a bigger problem like a bad compressor or fan motor (its a dual capacity capacitor that serves...
  41. T

    Loss of cooling water to condenser

    If a condenser were to lose its supply of cooling water and no trips were activated how could you calculate when the vacuum would be lost? i.e. calculate the length of time before no more steam could be accepted by the condenser.
  42. E

    I cannot find an eletret condenser microphone?

    I am trying to follow a guide that I found online and it requires an eletret condenser microphone...which no one seems to carry (my electronics shop, Fry's Radio-shack). I am still a started level guy so I really don't know what to look for when it comes to microphones so I was hoping one of...
  43. Gspace

    How Long Does It Take for a Condenser's Voltage to Decrease by 90%?

    Homework Statement When a condenser discharges electricity, the instantaneous rate of change of the voltage is proportional to the voltage in the condenser. Suppose you have a discharging condenser and the instantaneous rate of change of the voltage is -0.01 of the voltage (in volts per...
  44. Ivan Seeking

    Can Oversizing AC Condenser Cause Problems?

    In a typical full-sized home AC system [central air] is there a problem with oversizing the condenser? In particular, the idea is to add a pre-cooler just before [above] the condenser. This would provide additional cooling as well as increasing the volume of the system. I tend to assume that...
  45. A

    Refrigeration - Fouling in the sizing evaporator and condenser

    Hey, I am trying to determine the importantance and difference of fouling in sizing the evaporator and condenser in a Refrigeration cycle? Thanks, Alexisonsmith
  46. W

    Compressor vs Condenser - what's the difference?

    I read about refrigerators and often a fridge has two components: 1. compressor 2. condenser The compressor compresses the vapor - what does it actually do? does it increase the temperature of the vapor? The condenser condenses the vapor into liquid and then the liquid is expanded...
  47. U

    Ulrich's Physics Dilemma: Burning a Condenser

    Hi I am a physics teacher but I studied theoretical physics so I am not very good in experimental physics. Recently, I burnt a condenser but I have no idea why. I tried to charge it with about 10 volts. His capacity was 1000 microF and there was written 25 volts on it so what did I wrong...
  48. O

    Chemistry Question - Distillation - Why tilt the condenser?

    Homework Statement Give two reasons why the cooling water is led into the lower end rather than the upper end of the condenser? Homework Equations We were distilling a Cobalt III solution. The Attempt at a Solution I think one reason may be to prevent air pockets forming in the...
  49. S

    Mass flow rate of cooling water in condenser needed

    Homework Statement Adiabatic Steam turbine produces 4000 kW Steam is fed at 21 bar/475 deg C Exhaust is saturated steam (P=0.1bar) Exhaust is fed into condenser where it is cooled to 30 deg C Problem asks for flow rate of cooling water supplied to condensener if water enters at 15 deg C...
  50. C

    Help Finding molar flow rate of product out of a condenser

    Ok. I have attempted this problem several times and went about it a couple of different ways and still cannot get a viable answer! the problem is: A gas stream contains 18.0 mole% hexane (C6H14) and the remainder nitrogen. The stream flows to a condenser, where its temperature is reduced...