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Is the mind a collection of thoughts ?

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    What is the mind considered to be in physics ? Is it just a collection of thoughts ?

    And has there ever been any studies done on the mind and matter manipulation ?

    Appreciate all replies.

    Physics is Phun
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    For whatever it's worth, I have always considered the mind to be a collection of chemical reactions... more chemistry in my opinion.
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    okay, just to make clear that i was not talking about the brain and my take on the mind is that it is metaphysical. However, if you are talking about the same thing, then what type of chemicals do you believe is in this collection ? and has there been any studies or evidence to back what your saying, or is it more of a self belief ?

    I would just like you to understand that i am not trying to undermine you in anyway, i appreciate you answering my question. I am just soo confused and am trying to find a definitive answer to make sense of it so i can go to sleep at night.

    Cheers lasix.
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    Hi sir.lemmiwink5, and welcome to Physics Forums!

    "Mind" is a pretty slippery term; it might be better to use the word "brain". And regarding the brain, this is more a topic in biology and chemistry (see Neuroscience).

    Please be more specific, what do you mean by "mind and matter manipulation"?

    n.b. I could add though that there are no scientific indications or scientific reasons to believe that the brain does not follow the laws of physics at the bottom level.

    Please note that this is a physics forum. We do not discuss metaphysics/philosophy here :wink:.
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    As has been said, we do not discuss metaphysical subjects here on PF. That is not the purpose of this forum.

    There is no definitive answer. The question "how does our brain/mind/consciousness work" is far from answered. However, there are real attempts being made to connect the physical brain with the more abstract concepts like thought, memory, consciousness, etc. If you'd like to find out more about those topics then feel free to head on over to the biology subforum and post a few questions. Just stick to real physics and not metaphysics.
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