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Is there a lot of theory in Physics AS/A2?

  1. Jan 11, 2013 #1
    I'm not too good at Physics generally, I scrapped a B on unit 1 initially and then just scrapped an A in the resit of unit 1 but I have heard the a-level includes a lot of maths but I'm not sure whether to do the A-Level because I'm not really good at Science, particularly physics and theoretical science where as Maths is an utter joke for me.However, I'm finding P2 a lot easier because it seems to include more maths and easier concepts and theory and I think I'm going to do well in it in two weeks time.It would also help my Further Maths course because I'm doing M1-M3.I sometimes enjoy Physics but sometimes don't and I'm terrible at practicals and have burnt equipment and easily could fail the ISA completely-I didn't get very good experimental results for the ISAs I've done but the practicals aren't marked so I was safe.
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    I'm only started AS physics this year but I'd say you should take a look at some of the past papers for A2 Physics with your exam board and see what style of questions / maths content there is.

    Have you talked with your physics teacher and / or a careers teacher (your school may have a different name) about your difficulties with physics and how you could resolve these and also whether dropping physics would affect uni applications or jobs etc.

    You might get better replies and more specific replies about your exam board if your posted on a UK board like TSR (if you are with a UK exam board)
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    I don't have to take Physics in any way-its just that Physics would open up many doors and I could do really well in it because I'm good at Maths and I want to do more maths as well and it would be so good to investigate things like relativity as a job and all the very best mathematicians became physicists and apparently, A-Level physics is a lot more mathematical and interesting, which sounds good and I have always been interested in space and relativity and recently have become interested in momentum and I have enjoyed P2 a lot more than P1, which was a lot more theoretical and not very exciting.I don't know which exam board I'm with
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    I've maybe misread your OP, how far have you done physics so far: GCSE, AS or A2?

    If GCSE I can definitely say AS is far better as there's less wordy stuff (although definitions become more rigorous but there's no here's 10 lines write stuff questions)

    If AS level then I don't know anything about A2 as I have only done Unit 1 of AS Physics.

    Actually because you say ISA I'd assume you're doing AQA Physics as they call the practical units ISAs, I'm doing CCEA but the AQA Papers can be viewed here: http://web.aqa.org.uk/qual/gce/science/physics-a-materials.php

    Open the past papers drop down and select a year to see the relevant papers.
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    I'm at GCSE and it is likely that I'm doing AQA Physics because when my sister did Chemistry and Biology they with AQA but things change and I don't know which spec anyway and I have looked at the specs and didn't really like A but thought B looked very mathematical and doable, once I've studied for it of course.
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    Since I'm not familiar with AQA you'd be best to go and see your physics teacher (or possibly whoever in your school helps you with A level choice guidance [normally someone from the careers department])

    Although if you're considering doing Maths, physics should go quite well with some over lap in areas like mechanics.
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    I'm doing Maths and Further Maths, which includes M1-M3.
  9. Jan 12, 2013 #8
    So lets get back to the topic, is there a lot of theory in Physics AS/A2?
  10. Jan 30, 2013 #9
    So lets get back to the topic, is there a lot of theory in Physics AS/A2?
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