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Is there a possibility that time loops exist?

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    I'm filmmaker, currently I'm writing movie about time loop. My question is, is it possible for time loop to happen? What can cause it? and is there any scientific explanation behind it?
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    Hello Kevin, :welcome:

    (You may not like this:smile:):


    [edit] But don't let that stop you !​
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    Here's the problem with this kind of question, and I often like to put it in a perspective that most non-scientists can understand.

    Let's say you have a broken vase that has shattered into hundreds or thousand of pieces. How likely, do you think, that it will assemble back into its original self if you simply throw all the pieces back onto the floor?

    For most of us, if not all, we'll say that it is impossible to happen, mainly because in our history of human civilization, such an occurrence has never been reported or validated. Still, in physics, the "phase space" for that to occur is not zero! In fact, I would say that in physics, there are a lot of highly improbable events that have non-zero probability of happening, but this probability is exceedingly so small, that it is practically accepted that it doesn't occur.

    So your question on whether such-and-such is "possible" is really meaningless because it depends on what you mean by "possible". Is it based on the existence of a non-zero probability, no matter how minuscule it is? Or is based on what we think can be verified and observed? Or is it based on what we have already seen and verified?

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    Kevin wants to go back and catch it before it has broken ...
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    I'm researching based on what we think can be verified since this has never been validated. Based on theory, what are the cause of these things to happen?

    I'm doing this research because I want to make film that have a research thought behind it, not just imagination.
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    I guess you mean like Groundhog day? Unless you want to set it in a virtual world where the day keeps getting reset but the protags memories are kept intact there's not any plausible science you could use to describe it. But you don't really have to to make a good film.
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    yes, like Groundhog Day. But Groundhog Day doesn't have cause, that's why I want to bring different perspective, put science behinds it. Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow have done it, one using computer and the other one using Alien. I'm hoping to come up with different cause, maybe something like meteor, the earth stop moving or anything.
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    Which part of NO was so unclear ? You think mine is just an opinion :rolleyes: ?
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    yes its clear, i was just answering the others. Thanks you.
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    Given that a time loop isn't possible in our current understanding of physics, you need to start with the premise that our current understanding of physics is wrong, or incomplete. This can be a ton of work for an author, which is why the movies you site keep the physics of a time loop as far from the protagonists as possible.

    The ending of Edge of Tomorrow ran into trouble with some of the audience not understanding why the last loop was the way it was. Even if the authors can explain it later, it's too late - some of your audience left the theater confused and thinking they'd seen a movie without a real ending. Look to the Lost in Space movie to see how messing with time can ruin the drama and impact of a film. A quick guide: Time travel should never be the solution to any dramatic tension. From an emotional standpoint, time travel is just running away and lying to the audence.
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