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Is there a scientific consensus on what "consciousness" is?

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    Or is there scientific consensus on whether or not "consciousness" actually exists at all?

    This article prompted the question...

    "Many theories have been proposed, but none has passed scientific muster. I believe a major change in our perspective on consciousness may be necessary..."


    Lots of research online seems to lead to people fumbling around for even a definition of what this "consciousness" thing might be, let alone what it is, or if it exists at all.
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    If you are reading this, you are conscious.


    I'll leave this open as long as it does not become a philosophical debate. All posts must cite scientific research so that we stay focused. Thanks!
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    This whole premise is ridiculous. There is no such thing as "the three most fundamental scientific questions about the human condition." This author invented that concept and filled in his own blanks as to what they are in the service of promoting his alleged new paradigm about consciousness. The whole article is a straw man.

    As to the question of whether there is a universally accepted scientific definition of consciousness, I think the answer is "no." The dictionary definition offered by Evo is, like any dictionary definition, intended to inform the reader about what people mean when they use the word. A scientific definition would have to be more specific and rigorous to permit in-depth study of the mechanisms of consciousness, and that is where science has traditionally had a hard time getting traction.

    If @Pythagorean sees this he can probably provide links to articles that give a clear picture of why it is so hard to define.
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