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B Is there a way of creating placemarks in Stellarium?

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    I've found it very useful to be able to create your own placemarks in Google Earth and Sky. Is there a way to do something similar in Stellarium too?
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    you can define your location. if that isn't what you mean?? what do you mean ?

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    I sounds like the OP wanted to bookmark star locations in order to return to them more easily.
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    I have no idea mate, hence why I asked :smile:
    it was very unclear
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    Just as Borg says. Like these pins in Google Earth.

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    I just found the answer - there is a way.

    I was fiddling around in Stellarium and wondered if there might be a keyboard shortcut to doing this so I began trying different various of using the CTRL, SHift, Alt, and the right and left mouse buttons. It turns out that Shift+left click will add a marker where the mouse pointer is.

    As Emily Litella would say, "Never mind!" Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live reference
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    BTW - FYI for anyone who may stumble across this in the future, I've also found out that there is currently no way to rename these custom markers. Therefore, unless a bunch of markers named Marker 1, Marker 2, Marker 3, etc. would be useful to you, using this not-ready-for-prime-time* feature won't be useful for you until it is fully developed in a future version.

    *Yet another Saturday Night Live reference
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    This is what you get when people are reluctant to spend 'proper money' on software. When you buy Excel or Photoshop there are very few of these little annoyances but astronomers are so used to free and open source stuff that they seem to put up with all sorts of inadequacies. I guess there just isn't the market for it to be developed.
    I have been struggling with Nebulosity and what it actually does is far superior to its interface. Stark Labs are very friendly and give lots of free advice but they couldn't pay themselves enough to give it a Photoshop standard interface.
    Strange when you think of the thousands of quids that astrophotographers and even visual astronomers are prepared to pay for their hardware.
    I just shelled out for a Photoshop subscription so I have put my money where my mouth is. It really is great to use.
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