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Is there an equivalent to ImageShack for pdfs?

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    Okay I am wondering is there an equivalent to uploading pdfs online and just link it with the url like uploading images to imageshack?

    Does anyone know if such thing exists?

    Thank you
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    The three first results from googling "upload pdf" are:

    - "docs.google.com"[/URL]: which can store and view (and convert) pdfs and make them public (and other more refined sharing options).

    - [PLAIN]"www.scribd.com"[/URL]: A solid, well known site.

    - [PLAIN]"pdfcast.org"[/URL]: a new site, but it looks good.

    Of course, as TheStatutoryApe said, you can use any filesharing site.
    I use [URL]http://ifile.it/"[/URL] or my dropbox account when I need to share a general file.
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