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Is there any absolute proof that photons exist?

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    I mean, look this stupidity: [Mentor's note - link to crackpot site deleted]
    This guy denies that light photons exist, and that we are 'magically creating it' like cyclops X-Men
    This is worst than flat-earthers, I wonder If there is some evidence or is it unfalsifiable, like solipsism? Because I want to refute him
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    We do not discuss crackpottery here, even to refute it. Several reasons:
    - If we did, we wouldn't be talking about anything else as the supply of crackpottery is apparently endless.
    - It can't be refuted. Refutation depends on logical fact-based arguments, and crackpots are impervious to both.
    - The positive and productive act of talking about what real science says generates enough work for the mentors and SAs already.
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    Ok, sorry about that
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    Yeah, take it from someone who used to spend way too much time bickering with creationists, conspiracy nuts, and "evo-psych" MRAs. You will never convince these people of anything, and in fact you will most likely succeed only in strengthening their convictions because of the backfire effect: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Backfire_effect

    Simply put, you can't use a logical and science-based argument on someone who is not interested in using logic himself and is dead-set on the belief that the scientists are in on the conspiracy.
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    For example, E=hv is the energy of a photon in photoelectric effect.
    You can also use Compton scattering related examples .
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