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Is there any evidence for MACHOs or WIMPs being Dark Matter?

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    I know MACHOS and WIMPs are leading candidates for Dark Matter, but is there any convincing evidence to support them?
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    Well, I think MACHOS has been more or less ruled out as a dark matter candidate. They don't contribute enough to the matter density to be "most of" the dark matter. WIMPs are probably now our best candidates. I don't know of many other potential candidates, other than a perhaps heavy-ish sterile neutrino (which would be very similar to a WIMP, but is not usually included as a WIMP in the terminology).

    The best evidence we have that Dark Matter is made of "stuff" and is not a modification of the laws of gravity, I believe, is the Bullet cluster: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullet_Cluster
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