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A Tension between recent dark matter results and Lux-Xenon?

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    How much tension between recent AMS-02 80 Gev dark matter and Lux-Xenon negative results?

    Recent results ( Arxiv 1610.03840 and 1704.08258) suggest a WIMP dark matter particle near 80 Gev. See also https://phys.org/news/2017-05-possibility-cosmic-rays-due-dark.html

    If this particle really exists, should we have seen it in recent negative results from Lux and Xenon?

    Should we see it in forthcoming LZ experiment?
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    I'm not sure how this claim ties back to the LUX data, but I'm always leery of claims like this:


    For quite some time it's been known that pulsars could emit the same type of gamma signals from the core, so I take these types of claims with grain of salt, particularly when they assign a 4.3 sigma to the claim. :) I'd assume that they simply didn't try a 'model' with a lot of large pulsars near the core. :)
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