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Is there any groups working on FF's like CTEQ on PDF's?

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    I know some groups on PDF's like CTEQ, MSTW, NNPDF...
    Is there any groups working on the parameterization of fragmentation functions, and publish any codes that can be called?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Peterson is the old standy. Matteo Cacciari has done work on more modern ones.
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    Oh, thanks!
    I searched "Matteo Cacciari" in inspire, and found "FastJet user manual".
    I know other softwares like Pythia, Herwig..., but they are event simulation tools.
    Are there any parameterization forms or any code packages about FF's like CTEQ does in PDF's case?
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    By ff do you mean flux?

    I'm pretty sure the different PDF groups finalised the paramterisations quite a while ago. What is it you particularly care about? Number of eigen vectors or ?
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    ff = fragmentation functions
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