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Is there any mechanism for learning p block reactions?

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    Do we have to rote memorize it or is there mechanism so that we can learn it easily?
    There are some ion exchange reactions which are simple like NaCl + H2O-------> NaOH+ HCl.
    but for example what about this?
    P4 + NaOH + H2O----> ?
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    No such reaction. If anything, it should be reversed and it falls into "acids and hydroxides react producing salts and water".

    Nope, this is one of the things you have to remember.

    I don't. Phosphorus is a hell of a beast when it comes to to possible oxyacids.
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    HaHaHah My so silly mistake.

    Now some reactions for example. Does they have any mechanism which one can explain?
    I2 + HNO3---->?
    C + HNO3---->?
    S8 + HNO3---->?
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    Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent, which is an obvious pointer what to expect. Whether it is strong enough to oxidize iodine is another question, one that will need consulting redox potential tables.

    Final product of carbon oxidation is rather clear, whether the sulfur gets oxidized to oxides or sulfate may depend on conditions.

    In general - there are no simple rules for everything, if there were such rules, you will not have to study chemistry for years, just two weeks would be enough.
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    I think the school tells us to memorize all this reactions so that in future we are a bit acquainted with it to understand further about it.
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