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Is there any star not belonging to any galaxy?

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    are all stars in some galaxy?

    i now get interested in the universe

    could anyone recommend some basic textbooks for me?

    i have a doctor degree in theoretical physics.
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    when galaxies collide, parts of them get flung out into space in big long streams of gas, stars, etc.

    basically the two galaxies get torn up and mixed together and the vast majority of the material that makes them up gets stuck into the new galaxy that forms. However parts of it are flung off into space to form, perhaps, dwarf galaxies, or just stars floatin' around in space by themselves.
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    No. Although stars are normally grouped into galaxies, some are not. This article says 10% of stars in Virgo cluster of galaxies are not bound to any galaxy: http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/1997/02/text/

    The wondering stars are likely to be born inside a galaxy and then drifted away. Not all stars are single, many are gravitationally bound systems of two or more stars. And when one of the stars explode as supernova it may cause companion to become hyper-velocity star that can escape the galaxy.
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    thanks a lot! it really helps.
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