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Is there anyone can explain the warp drive?

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    I have seen this news earlier that the physicist accidentally discover a warp drive an idea of travelling as fast of speed of light? Is this possible? How it will work?
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    Hello mamus, welcome to PF :smile: !

    Brave of you to post this in PF homework forum (I suspect it will be moved elsewhere, though). Could you tell us where this news can be found ? NASA ?

    You see, for ordinary physicists, this is very shocking news. We have to reinvent everything found since over 100 years ago. So our first reaction is denial. Even when the news source appears reliable at first, as happened when OPERA found faster than light neutrinos. That was a real test, even for serious physicists.

    Most of the time this kind of thing comes into the news, the news itself is the cause of the mishap: an enthousiastic journalist gets carried away a bit, is misquoted by other good-willing but overzealous colleagues who don't know how to interpret the message and there you go.

    My two cents: It won't work.
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    Sorry for wrong information. Hehe Yes NASA tell that story i just think what if it will work . How is a person can actually stand travelling as fast as a speed of light? Do they die? If they tavell as fast as speed of light? Im just curiostnx for the response.
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    There is no such thing as traveling at the speed of light for any object with mass. Only photons (massless) can travel at c.

    I haven't read about the "warp drive" because I'm confident it's nonsense, but presumably they "warp" space in some way that mean they are NOT traveling at greater than c locally. This is the same kind of thing that happens with galaxies receeding due to the expansion of the universe. Galaxies at the edge of our Observable Universe have a recession speed of about 3c but LOCALLY they are hardly moving at all relative to us.
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    hehe .i think when that happen time travelling is also impossible but for now i think its a big question.
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    A google search on "warp drive" immediately gets "NASA officials have denied recent reports that the agency has achieved a major breakthrough in efforts to develop a Star Trek-style faster-than-light “warp drive"!
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    I disagree. I don't think either one is "a big question". Traveling at c or greater is known to be nonsense and I'm confident that time travel is also nonsense.

    You should study some actual physics.
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    I believe recent interest in so called "Warp drives" originates from a discussion on another forum about EM Drives. About a month back some people started to talk about unpublished test results of EM Drive in a vacuum. Various media and other forums picked up on the story and the rest is history. I understand EM Drives are a banned topic on this forum.


    EmDrive and 'warp drive' are two different things ..
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    On that note and per PF rules against non-mainstream physics, this thread is closed.
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