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Is this a photograph of water on Mars?

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    An article on Google News intrigued me today: http://www.express.co.uk/news/scien...ter-FLOWING-surface-Mars-Nasa-Red-Planet-life

    The man who pointed it out is editor for one of those conspiracy sites, but that doesn't make this particular claim any less convincing.


    Is there other things on Mars that would create an affect like that? It's certainly not a shadow, and it appears like it came from a liquid, if you look at the sand and the shadows you can tell that it took the path of least resistance. I also notice at the end of it, there appears to be a small ridge where the water has pushed sand into shape, actually, if you look at other places along that ridge, I see the same affect.

    Obviously without spectral analysis, one can not say it's water, but I see no way that shape can not be liquid, are there any other possible liquids on Mars?
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