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Is this description of a black hole accurate?

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    I am currently writing a sci fi book for children, and I would like to know how it would feel to travel through a supermassive black hole.

    In this link a scientist claims that there is superhot dense plasma in black holes. I wonder if his description of a supermassive black hole, and how it would be to travel through it, is accurate? And is the "super hot dense plasma" quark-gluon plasma? For instance, he claims that we would not be "torned apart" if we entered a supermassive black hole. He says that the tidal forces are weak enough for you to travel deep into the black hole.
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    Although the tidal forces at the Event Horizon ARE, as you say, weak enough to allow you to travel beyond it without getting spaghetified right away, you will never come out again, so there is no such thing as "travel through" a black hole and once you are inside the EH, you cannot stop yourself from reaching the singularity, and you will be spaghetified before you get there.
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    The scientist actually claims that you can travel inside a black hole without being spagetthified - safely until you reach its depths where superheated plasma will kill.

    @23:25 you can hear the explanation.

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    There is no evidence for a super heated plasma at the center, so the consensus is that you will be sphagettified once you are deep enough inside.
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    That is correct - but you can't survive in there for a long time.
    I don't think plasma is a good word here. We don't know what is inside, but we know it won't look like a normal plasma. And tidal forces will kill you first.
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    So the scientist claims that we can travel past the event horizon without being torn apart, and:

    "But, deep down inside the black hole, the centrifugal force of the rotation of the black hole provides repulsion. If their is any matter at all inside it then stuff that is falling in [you or me] will tend to collide with stuff that is trying to get out, and the result of that collision of energy is a choatic maelstrom of superhot dense plasma, which will roast you."

    I wonder if that is true? And, if you can find plasma like this in the black hole, is it the so called quark-gluon plasma or something else?

    Thank you
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    In a Schwarzchild black hole, you must proceed toward the singularity, but in a rotating black hole, which is what they're talking about in the video, it's possible to avoid the singularity.
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    Hi. See below*

    *I've always wanted to say that. An homage to Peter.
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    Thank you!
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