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Is this site related to phys.org?

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    Back in the days, this site was just physorg.com's forum.
    It still has a "relevant posts" block linking to here. But in practice, it is trivial for any site to have such a block without any formal relationship between the two sites...

    So I wonder, is it still associated with it now? Are there any common people among those responsible for the two sites' administration and development?

    And if yes, a subquestion: why has phys.org deleted their old user database (maybe quite a while ago now, been some time since I tried to login there, and now I find that I can't)?
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    Really? I never knew that.
    Phys.org and PF have a content sharing partnership. PF provides Phys.org discussions and Phys.org provides PF with new stories.

    See the "Partners" link below
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    Hi georgir,

    PF has always been independent. In about 2008, phys.org and PF agreed on a content partnership. We don't share any administration. Completely independent and always have been :)

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    George Jones

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    Maybe georgir is thinking about "back in the day" when sci.physics.research used to be posted here.
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    Back when I first found it, phys.org was physorg.com, and their forums, I am not really sure, but I think were forums.physorg.com. I was with the impression that those forums became this site, but now they redirect to physforum.com (edit: and I even still have a working account for it, yay), so I guess I'm wrong.

    Regardless, thank you all for the input.
    "We don't share any administration. Completely independent and always have been." is a pretty clear answer.
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