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Is this why it is easier for people to believe in a creator

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    Because science yet has to fill the puzzle of how the world came into existence from nothing so the reason that makes sense for people is that a creator whom is not restricted to the laws of the universe or any made it
    Until science reveals

    Am I right
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    I'm not sure if "makes sense" is the right term. There are a myriad of reasons as to why people believe an intelligent entity created/runs the universe. You aren't going to be able to pin it down to just one all encompassing explanation. Having said that your post resembles the "God of Gaps" argument whereby people justify their belief/argument by fallaciously asserting that because there is no explanation for phenomenon X an intelligent being (usually from their religious belief) is responsible.
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    I want to ask "who created the creator? did the creator come into existence from nothing?" ....so it doesn't make sense.
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    But people that believe in a creator accept the question as an unknowable mystery that a entity out of our laws and universe knows so that's why it also makes it easier to believe in an accept than a question that man supposedly could answer but still has not
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    No, you're not.

    You are implicitly assuming the existence of an inherent conflict between science and religion. There is of course a potential for conflict between science and religion; some branches of some religions do subscribe to beliefs that have been falsified by science. Some branches, mind you. There are plenty of scientists who are also religious. They do not see an inherent conflict between science and religion. There are plenty of lay people who accept scientific teaching and also believe in some religion. They too do not see an inherent conflict between science and religion.

    You are also implicitly assuming that science will have all of the answers. Science does strive to give an ever deeper explanation of the universe, how we came into existence, the nature of consciousness, etc. However, the fervent hope of scientists, whether deeply religious or adamantly atheist, is that science will not have answers to all of the outstanding questions in their lifetime (or at least not until they retire). What would they do for a living if science did come up with all of the answers?

    While religion need not depend on gaps in science, science most certainly does.
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    No what I meant is that they believe in the proven facts of science but it's just that when there is an unproven question like the one stated that people seem to resort to creator who is out of our laws and universe which is easier to believe in than a group of men who yet have to find an answer
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    This thread comes this close to violating our rules on religious discussions, and is just begging someone to make a post that does violate those rules.

    Thread closed.
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