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Is time travel to the future easier than the past?

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    So, I've been learning about quantum mechanics as of late.

    If I understand correctly, there would be a large amount of energy required to "turn back the clock" on all particles throughout Earth (assume that I don't change the position of satellites or the stars) in order to go back in time.

    However, if I time travel into the future, all I have to do is maintain a somewhat fixed position on Earth while bending or passing time and space around me until I get ahead into the point in future that I want. Is that right?
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    Time travel into the past is not possible at all. Time travel into the future is possible at the rate of one second per second ... as you are doing right now.

    You can "jump ahead" into the future of a given location by traveling away from it and back again at a substantial portion of the speed of light, a feat that is not now possible with our technology and will not likely BE possible (in any way meaningful for human travel) for centuries.
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    I don't see that. However, I think I'll take this thread to another board here at PF.

    Where should I go to talk about time travel on PF?

    In able to go to the future, why can't time and space simply bend around me while I attempt to maintain a particular position on Earth? The way I see it, if I did bend time and space around me, unfortunately, I could end up in outer space while the Earth is still rotating around the sun or perhaps end up in the Atlantic ocean or something.

    I guess from my viewpoint, then, I'd want to be in outer space to make sure my time machine doesn't end up in the ocean or some obscure place. Also, I think I've found a way out of the grandfather paradox.
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    Sorry, but this thread does not meet forum rules. Please read our rules on overly speculative posts and personal theories, then if you have a specific question that meets our guidelines, you may post in the appropriate forum, based on your question.
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