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Is universe expanding or contracting?

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    gravity pulls two galaxies. Andromeda and Milky Way are going to collide in few billion years. this seems to show that everything in the universe is moving close to each other i.e. contracting. but, since the universe was formed, it has been expanding due to dark energy. how do you explain this? secondly, are they (force by dark energy and gravity) in equlibrium? if not which one is dominating?
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    The universe is definitely expanding. However, the expansion is only dominant on large scales. At small scales, gravity wins out, and that is why Andromeda and the Milky Way are getting closer together. Think about it this way... if I drop a ball, it falls to the group due to the earth's gravity. Does that mean the universe isn't expanding?

    This is a false statement. First, dark energy was essentially negligible in the early stages of the universe. Second, even if there was no dark energy, the universe would still be expanding. The effect of dark energy is to cause the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

    Well the universe continues to expand at an accelerating rate, so you could say that dark energy is dominating.
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    Thank you nicksauce. it was a very well written answer. i also discovered a new fact in the process. (the one that was false).
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    That depends on your POV. From inside it looks expanding, from outside it looks contracting.
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    George Jones

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    :confused: What does this mean?
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    Don't bother.

    Actually I was waiting for some clever response like "there is no outside to the universe".
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    Ok....so what is the point then?
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    There was no point.
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