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Isomorphism without being told mapping

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    G is the group of matrices of the form:

    1 n
    0 1

    Where n is an element of Z, and G is a group under matrix multiplication.

    I must show that G is isomorphic to the group of integers Z. I do not know how to do this, since all examples we covered gave us the specific mapping from one group to the other.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Among your options are:
    • Guess.
    • Experiment with the arithmetic in G to understand it better.
    • Invoke theorems about homomorphisms from Z.
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    Basically, you need to come up with a mapping yourself. Here's a hint, create a notation such as G(n) represents the matrix with n in Z, in the first row second column. The ideal isomorphism should pop out at you now. Let me know if that helps!
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    I managed to figure the problem out not too long ago. That is exactly what I decided to do. Thanks for confirming for me! Problem solved. :)
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